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  1. Happy Donkey do a good naked portafilter - reasonable price as well.. http://www.happydonkey.co.uk/gagbotdom-gaggia-classic-bottomless-portafilter.html
  2. Eh? I thought the grinder was not that good.. Can't really afford a new grinder for a little while, but have been keeping an eye on the rancilio rocky, mc2 or the baratza prezio. Guess I should just get pre ground until then..
  3. Thanks all - will try and take video this evening.. I can already hear the laughter from the other half :-)
  4. Hi.. opened up the has bean coffee - hoping a decent coffee, and I'm still struggling.. I can only think its down to what I'm doing as like I'd said I never struggled before on my gaggia.. Taste wise, I'm not sure how to describe - I can't make my mind up whether it tastes sour or bitter :-) Not sure where to go next - cleaned my coffee grinder (albeit with rice) and checked again.. Still the same.. Anyone know of any barista type help local to Ringwood, Hampshire? My wife now says I'm moonlighting as a Barista, just a really bad one :-)
  5. Hi - I've been playing around with my grind and tamping and actually got an okay coffee - wouldn't say great - but added a smidge of sugar and was okay. Extraction was 26 seconds for 2oz Will try again tomorrow to see if I can get a consistent shot - I actually lightened my tamp.. My grinder range is terrible so it might be the best I can get until I get a decent grinder..
  6. I do have a grinder, not the best and I'd really like to upgrade - that will be next year sometime tho. It's a gaggia grinder (not the MDF one) the beans I've been using are some Starbucks beans from the supermarket.. However just got delivery of some Has Bean espresso coffee beans.. Didn't want to try as the coffee I've got so far is just so bad (undrinkable) and thought get that at least halfway there then get a nice shot from some better beans.
  7. Based in Hampshire.. Thought I'd try and give it a new lease of life.. Was hoping changing shower head and head disk would help as it was not looking good..
  8. Hi, so I've recently brought my gaggia coffee deluxe machine out of retirement moving away from the automatic machine which never really had great shots. I had such fond memories of the shots pulled but now I just cannot get it right. So I took apart the boiler, cleaned and have descaled twice, changed the caskets (pump, portaholder etc) replaced shower screen and head disc and new bottomless portafilter.. I just cannot get a decent shot - I've tampered on the bathroom scales, weight beans, tried different grinds but it's not even close to drinkable. Water on its own tastes fine.. I just don't remember having this trouble before - my wife thinks I've gone a little mad by it all :-) Help Oh, I hope this is the correct forum or this question..
  9. I would like to roast myself really, but that depends if I can get coffee from roaster which is excellent quality and priced reasonably then to start with would want to purchase from these companies.. Does anyone have any recommendations, or people to speak to about it? Cheers
  10. Hi, not sure yet - wondering if worth importing or buying beans from wholesaler in the uk so wanted to compare quality/cost..
  11. Hi, does anyone have any clues about finding estates to import coffee beans from, to the UK?
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