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  1. Welcome to the forum Chris, plenty of options in that range. Including beans ?
  2. Hi @Dunk sorry for slight delay. Thank you for the offer, yes I'd be happy to take £280 assuming you're ok to collect? Sounds like you're not that far away so hopefully not a problem. Let me know if that's OK and we can sort out collection and payment specifics (preferred options cash on collection or paypal gift if that's OK) via PM.
  3. @damian my apologies missed the last part. 250 is too low for me I'm afraid, thanks for your interest though.
  4. Happy to consider sensible offers, although obviously it's pretty early days - just let me know
  5. Yes definitely in my opinion, my father has a mignon and I would say the mini-e gives much more consistent and 'fluffier' (very scientific I know) grind quality. Until the recent upgrade I'd been using it quite happily paired with a londinium L1.
  6. Hi everyone, Having unexpectedly stumbled across an opportunity to upgrade to a Ceado e37s, I now need to move on my previous (and much-loved) grinder and would love to keep it in the forum family if at all possible. It's in great nick, only a few very minor scuffs around the portafilter holder, and has had fairly light domestic usage only - roughly 1-2 doubles per day on average. I bought it about 2 years ago from another forum member, who themselves had bought new from bella barista, see link to previous purchase thread below (assuming I've managed to work tapatalk properly!) for more details: http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?t=16179 Overall probably 7-8 years old now hence tried to price accordingly; please bear in mind however that as it's never been used heavily/commercially and been well looked after by both me and the previous owner it undoubtedly still has many years of life left in it. In terms of accessories it comes with both the short and normal size hoppers (one lid which fits both hoppers) plus a lens hood - I've been using the lens hood almost exclusively. New burrs fitted just after I bought it, I'd estimate no more than 25kg of coffee through it since then, so still loads of life left. Also comes with the mazzer ring/magnet thingy (technical term) which sits in the hopper and is designed to stop anything metal getting into the grinder throat. I've never had any problems on this front, and actually nothing but coffee has ever been put through the grinder - no rice/grindz etc, just periodic clean out. Finally I've taken off the 'grid' over the exit chute as I found it helped reduce clumping (plus removed the finger guard so that if needed I can get a brush to the exit chute more easily) but both are included and can be refitted easily should you wish to do so. I'm looking for £325, ideally collected (near Ripon in North Yorkshire) as will allow me to show it to buyer properly on collection. Some photos below (apologies for rubbish photography skills) - again assuming I've managed to make tapatalk work!! Thanks for looking and let me know if any questions. Matt
  7. Congratulations nick, well deserved. Perhaps a more severe hangover required for me next time... ?
  8. Now if we'd switched BEFORE the start that would have been a masterstroke ?
  9. The thread's alive again! Thank God I didn't waste all that milk for nothing. Ah.
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