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  1. Just sneaked it under there! I probably need to get a filling spout - I think I have seen you using one?
  2. Afternoon, I’ve been gradually evolving my coffee setup over the years, starting with a Jura bean-to-cup, moving on to a Francino Heavenly and then two Sage Dual Boilers. Last year I took the plunge with an ACS Vesuvius. I have been through various grinders including a Macap and a modded Mazzer Royal, and have been with the Ceado e37s for the past five years. Today, I received the Niche and looking forward to seeing what it can do. I am hoping the ease of switching beans with the Niche will push me on to explore a wider selection of beans.
  3. That was my thought. Any ideas of UK stockists of ‘premium’ tampers?
  4. Lol. Probably not going to happen...
  5. Hi all, My boss wants thoughts about what to get me for leaving work. Thoughts are my interests; coffee and home brewing. I have a Vesuvius on order, and have just started down the v60 road. I haven’t got a kettle, good tamper, fancy scales etc. What good ideas do people have for things to suggest - think budget will be between £30-80 so thought I would give some options. Wondered about pouring kettles? All thoughts welcome! Chris
  6. Hi JA92, Great. It’s yours. I’ll PM you after I’ve got the kid in bed to sort details. Many thanks MrChris
  7. All offers considered though I feel this is reasonably priced given one sold recently on the forum for £50 delivered.
  8. Afternoon. I have a Sage 58mm bottomless portafilter for sale. This also comes with a Sage 58mm basket. Good condition - some minor marks consistent with age (around three years old). I believe this is compatible with the Sage Dual Boiler and Oracle but please check this for yourself. Price is £45 including p&p
  9. Afternoon all I was hoping you may be able to provide guidance on the used value of a Rocket Cellini v3 PID. It has been used a handful of times but is not getting the use it should. Bought within the last six months with the remainder of the warranty available to the new owner. Would also appreciate thoughts on Sage Smart Grinder, similar use. Many thanks Chris
  10. Interesting. I'll try it a touch longer tomorrow.
  11. Looking good @CFo. Thanks for a simple transaction. Enjoy Chris
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