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  1. Sort of. As with every espresso machine, the pressure of the extraction is generated by the resistance of the coffee puck. If this is perfect, and your machine is capable of pumping at 15bar - but the resistance (grind, dose, prep) of the puck is just right - then the pour could happen at 9 bar, sure. If you choke the machine and have a slow dribble then the pressure will quickly go to 15 bar, and if you have a real gusher then the pressure will probably be 1 bar. The whole point of adjusting the OPV maximum pressure is to limit the peak possible water pressure that will hit (and compress) the puck. If you have a machine capable of producing 15 bar - and the OPV is set to 12 bar for example... then a slightly incorrect puck will provide greater resistance. Once pressure builds behind the puck, the puck gets compressed. Higher pressure compresses the puck more, and this creates greater resistance to flow... which leads to higher pressure, etc. etc. So - a slightly incorrect puck quickly leads to maximum pressure, and the inevitable channelling or simply choking. By adjusting the OPV to limit the maximum possible pressure, you are avoiding (or reducing the chance of escalating) issues with imperfect grind or puck-prep - and previously where a puck may have provided too much resistance to flow, allowing pressure to build, the puck to be further compressed, and the death spiral to continue - if it's limited to 9 bar then you have a much better chance of salvaging the shot and resulting in something more drinkable in the cup. Oh - and whilst it wouldn't be right of me to disclose the names of customers - I'll leave you to guess who we've recently sent quite a number of OPV spring mod kits to. 😉
  2. Many are slightly warped - but when sat on a flat coffee bed and with 9 bar above them, they'll be flat very quickly.
  3. Possibly grind finer - if you’re at finest on the Sette then you’ll need to further adjust or shim the burrs to go finer. You could dose higher - and try 20g. However you could also be seeing severe channelling - a 21/22g basket is too large for 19g of coffee… and you will have a relatively deep puck, increasing resistance and increasing the chance of channeling. If I were you I’d go to 18g basket and start with 17-18g of coffee in it.
  4. Where are you? Most people find our low cost shipping option very cost effective.
  5. Yes, it SHOULD close the connection between boiler and group when steaming - but only if it's able to seal properly and there isn't scale or something causing the seal to not be made. So if you have drops when steaming, it's probably a good idea to clean the solenoid valve properly.
  6. We've spent a few months developing this new single hole steam tip for the Classic Pro wand. It's available to buy now. Check it out - it makes steaming more powerful on the Classic Pro, and great microfoam much easier (IMHO). ...and it comes in a nice box! https://www.shadesofcoffee.co.uk/the-one-single-hole-steam-tip-for-the-gaggia-classic-pro
  7. You can buy our new single hole steam tip "The One" for the Classic Pro now... https://www.shadesofcoffee.co.uk/the-one-single-hole-steam-tip-for-the-gaggia-classic-pro
  8. Yes - you’ll get quite a lot of water going back to the tank. Glad you’re enjoying it - 6.5 bar is great!
  9. You’ll need a large power resistor in parallel with the pump - and then it should be ok
  10. Try opening the steam valve and placing a jug under the end - and then pressing both the steam and brew buttons on. When you normally brew a shot, there is power applied to two components that aren’t powered up when idle : the pump and the solenoid valve. However, when you do the above steam+brew then it will only turn the pump on. So if the machine still trips when you do this it’s probably an issue with the pump - and if it doesn’t then it’s probably an issue with the solenoid valve.
  11. Yes, OK - accepted at £280 please PM me and we can arrange collection / payment. Thanks for the prompt Patrick @The Systemic Kid
  12. @Strumph We should have some single hole steam tips for the Classic Pro available at Shades of Coffee within the next few weeks. I'll have a few next week and will post some pics and videos then FYI. Suffice it to say, it's not been either cheap or easy getting these!
  13. You might want to think about doing something that triggers with a magnetic reed switch (fixed to the pump or solenoid) - would make install and cross-platform compatibility much simpler.
  14. Sorry - been a bit busy and missed this 😉 Yes - serial shows it was first built in 2001 Bearings - typically the bearings on Mazzers last for ages, and it certainly didn't need them so they weren't replaced.
  15. I’m glad you’re enjoying it and enjoying the coffee it makes - that’s all that’s important
  16. You need to mod the OPV to 6.5 bar in order to get “good espresso” from a Classic 2015 as experienced by James. ...and you may not have a dripping steam wand, but as you have no solenoid valve you do have dripping / pressurised portafilters instead. The latter is significantly more of a challenge in daily use.
  17. Yes - all the cool cats use lower pressures these days... 6.5ish bar espresso is great.
  18. DON'T have a basket in the portafilter at all - empty or full; otherwise you'll get water flying out and it won't seal properly. Remove any basket and the PF will lock in, but quite a bit further round.
  19. The two points you mention are probably the only good things about it... the list of bad points is significantly longer and more critical to use as a good espresso machine
  20. Yes - I had a good idea of what the wiring issue was in his machine but wanted a pic to confirm and to show him what it should be like. I’ve got a 2015 machine for reference now, but didn’t have one available then.
  21. It’s a Classic 2015 so generally less desirable... and he was lucky, and also he bought it before this video came out. You can almost hear Classic 2015 owners across the whole of Europe rejoicing and typing their “Buy it now” £250 eBay listings right now...
  22. Yes it’s an interesting video - especially his choice (intentional or not) of picking the most unloved of all Classics AND then electing NOT to use our 9 bar spring but instead to go with the 6.5 bar. Nice move :-) Good to see him mentioning, showing and using our OPV mod kit on it though - which he just bought and paid for quietly without us even noticing (though he did contact me afterwards and tell me what he was doing, as he was after some help with the wiring) - and excellent that he mentioned me and Shades of Coffee more than once, and provided a link ‘down below’ to us as well. Our unique visitor numbers increased 5 fold on Tuesday, even though the video only came out mid afternoon. Thanks to “The Hoffmann Effect” I expect they’ll remain higher than normal for at least the next week, based on previous similar experiences. I should really start doing some Classic videos on YouTube (or appearing in other peoples) - it’s a great way to get traffic to websites (especially when you have hundreds of thousands of followers like James)
  23. We’ve got a few more interesting (and probably unique) things in the pipeline for improving and modding the Classic Pro - so watch this space 😉
  24. As I hinted above - the latest James Hoffman video users our OPV mod kit on a 2015 Classic to great effect: A nice little mention of me too!
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