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  1. Probably get the voltage, but I doubt it would have the power - the LEDs need an 18W power supply as a minimum IIRC - so the LEDs may not light or may blink
  2. If you want to preinfuse then your best option is a dimmer, second best is to just turn the brew switch off briefly... better than opening the steam wand, for exactly the reason that you say. So - turn on the brew switch for about 5s, turn off for about 5s, then turn on again Play with the periods of time.
  3. No it’s not - the alarm circuit is normally just a relay, so it doesn’t output anything
  4. Sounds like you need to increase the dose or grind finer. If you drop the pressure you’ll probably find the the shot pours even faster. Lower pressure doesn’t mean lower flow.
  5. MrShades


    Your choice entirely - many old school gardeners wouldn’t take that approach and probably for good reason. These things don’t live in the house, they come and go. You don’t know that if you start swatting everything in the house regardless, that the message won’t spread around the insect kingdom (by bees dancing etc) of “Dont go near Dave’s house,” - and as I said, before you know it you’ve got no pests in your house but nothing of benefit in your garden and perhaps your neighbours gardens either. I’ve always liked the look of the electric tennis racket swatters - from a technical perspecti
  6. MrShades


    The problem is that a lot of these “pests” actually add significant value to an ecosystem - and without them (if you just kill them all) you’ll find that a once productive garden or flowerbed or whatever just dies off, doesn’t get pollinated and/or doesn’t attract the other creatures and elements that perhaps are of value. You can open a window and let them leave (though they may also come in) - but I’ve never been a big fan of just mindlessly killing pests purely because they exist and they annoy me, or they may do me a smal amount of harm if provoked etc. Get value from the pests, use them
  7. Yup - though can’t residents of Myanmar “just leave” and set up home in another country that does have free speech?( I dunno, hence the question). North Koreans and many others don’t have that option.
  8. Free speech should be possible anywhere.... but If you look at any part of society that is tightly controlled - take North Korea for example - then the “dictator” there takes the “it’s my country, do what I say otherwise you’ll suffer the consequences” approach - and unfortunately I don’t see the right to free speech being granted in the DPRK or anywhere else with a similar dictatorial government.
  9. Its step up... Up from the plug 110V to the required 240V As long as you get a reasonable quality one then you should be fine, and err on the significant side of caution when it comes to the power rating. Just don’t go for some small cheap Chinese thing.
  10. I use “stop at volume” most of the time - it works very well and is reasonably accurate; at least enough so for me to be able to use it to get weights that are +/- a gram or two with any normal shot. That’s probably better than my ability to watch my digital scales and pre-empt the need tonhit the stop button manually. The fact that I can load a PF, whack it in the machine and press the “brew” button on the GHC - and then walk away and just leave it to do it’s stuff - is a great benefit on my view. No BT scales required (or wanted) here.
  11. Try going hotter - it may be that you need to adjust the offset more on your machine. If go are at 100 and you let the machine heat up properly then when you first hit brew you should get steam out. If you don’t then go to 101, 102, 103, 104 etc until you do get the water flashing to steam initially (leave the machine for 5 mins or so between temp changes). If you then determine that steam appears when you are at 104 then adjust your offset by -4 to -12.0 : so that at a displayed 100 you’ll have the same steam. To illustrate what I said before about measuring water temp : if I use my Decen
  12. Your Psb needs to be -8.0 and not -0.8 - so it’s going to be at least 7.2c too cold. its very difficult to accurately determine brew water temp - and using any normal thermometer and normal cup/jug is never going to work properly unfortunately.
  13. Just wondered if the file could be shared to get one printed up elsewhere? I realise it's exceptionally cheeky give youve gone to all the time and trouble of designing it but it seems such a great idea. We're probably bringing them back soon... TL;DR "No". 🙂
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