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  1. Yes - you’ll get quite a lot of water going back to the tank. Glad you’re enjoying it - 6.5 bar is great!
  2. You’ll need a large power resistor in parallel with the pump - and then it should be ok
  3. Try opening the steam valve and placing a jug under the end - and then pressing both the steam and brew buttons on. When you normally brew a shot, there is power applied to two components that aren’t powered up when idle : the pump and the solenoid valve. However, when you do the above steam+brew then it will only turn the pump on. So if the machine still trips when you do this it’s probably an issue with the pump - and if it doesn’t then it’s probably an issue with the solenoid valve.
  4. Yes, OK - accepted at £280 please PM me and we can arrange collection / payment. Thanks for the prompt Patrick @The Systemic Kid
  5. @Strumph We should have some single hole steam tips for the Classic Pro available at Shades of Coffee within the next few weeks. I'll have a few next week and will post some pics and videos then FYI. Suffice it to say, it's not been either cheap or easy getting these!
  6. You might want to think about doing something that triggers with a magnetic reed switch (fixed to the pump or solenoid) - would make install and cross-platform compatibility much simpler.
  7. Sorry - been a bit busy and missed this 😉 Yes - serial shows it was first built in 2001 Bearings - typically the bearings on Mazzers last for ages, and it certainly didn't need them so they weren't replaced.
  8. I’m glad you’re enjoying it and enjoying the coffee it makes - that’s all that’s important
  9. You need to mod the OPV to 6.5 bar in order to get “good espresso” from a Classic 2015 as experienced by James. ...and you may not have a dripping steam wand, but as you have no solenoid valve you do have dripping / pressurised portafilters instead. The latter is significantly more of a challenge in daily use.
  10. Yes - all the cool cats use lower pressures these days... 6.5ish bar espresso is great.
  11. DON'T have a basket in the portafilter at all - empty or full; otherwise you'll get water flying out and it won't seal properly. Remove any basket and the PF will lock in, but quite a bit further round.
  12. The two points you mention are probably the only good things about it... the list of bad points is significantly longer and more critical to use as a good espresso machine
  13. Yes - I had a good idea of what the wiring issue was in his machine but wanted a pic to confirm and to show him what it should be like. I’ve got a 2015 machine for reference now, but didn’t have one available then.
  14. It’s a Classic 2015 so generally less desirable... and he was lucky, and also he bought it before this video came out. You can almost hear Classic 2015 owners across the whole of Europe rejoicing and typing their “Buy it now” £250 eBay listings right now...
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