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  1. Hi that's a very interesting grinder. I'm still basically researching the changes grinders in the last 5 years to get an idea of what to invest in, unfortunately I won't have funds until I retire at the end of August.
  2. Hi Dave, @coffeechap Did you see my offer to buy the tamper? Regards Rob.
  3. Thank you for replying, these look interesting, although import etc is going to shoot those prices up.
  4. Hi yes - budget around £2000.
  5. No I single dose it and I tend to use medium, light roasts. The Major isn't designed for single dose but it isnt too bad, the small cup I turn the other way up and it helps reduce pop corning. Christ grinders even come with bellows now!
  6. Yes they look very interesting, technology has jumped for sure in grinders. Temperature controlled grind chambers. Wow.
  7. Well if you've got a long memory you might remember me, my last post was July 2014 according to my history. My current set up is a Londinium R and Mazzer Major E for espresso or latte. I own a lot of coffee makers including a collection of vintage Conas. As I've been out of the loop for so long could I ask what is the go to grinder these days that would be a step up from my Major? Rob.
  8. Have sent pm mate, sorry I missed this.
  9. Neat idea. I seem to remember one guy on here made an even smaller hopper that took just one dose at a time. Can't remember what he used.
  10. I have the standard hopper. Looking at the Mazzer website I can see the sj is similiar height so I guess a mini is a more likely purchase. I think I will just have to accept the lower grind quality unless as you say I go the hand grinder route. Was very close to buying a Pharos at one point.
  11. I guess each forum has its own approach. I just got off HiFi Wigwam where a guy asked what was a sensible selling price for an expensive CD player and he got tons of help and advice. Ah well.
  12. I'll pass on that! Ha ha.
  13. I'm thinking of downsizing my current grinder a Mazzer Major electronic to something more domestically acceptable. What do you guys think is a sensible price to ask? It is in very good condition. Also what do you think would be a good replacement? I guess a smaller Mazzer is the obvious answer.
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