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  1. I have just switched from kasa to eufy. Works just as well, easier set up and it's cheaper
  2. i use arlo having tried many others. i would recommend them
  3. 1. Coffeechap 2. dfk41 3. Mrboots2u 4. CageyH 5. Dylan 6. MWJB 7. Snakehips 8. Joey24dirt 9. Kennyboy993 10. LukeT 11. arellim 12. Stanic 13. AndyDClements 14. Jony 15. Johnealey 16. GingerBen 17. Flying_vee 18. Soll 19. MatBat 20. Steveholt 21. Johnbudding 22. grumpydaddy 23. Thecatlinux 24. Greenblood 25. David Bondy 26. jimbojohn 27. Joelarkin 28. Christos_geo 29. MediumRoastSteam 30. Tewdric 31. Heligan 32. blackstone
  4. Unfortunately it does appear to be the element. There is a current going to and out of the switch to the element but the element does not heat at all
  5. Plug is fine. The machine switches on just doesn't heat up. I can get cold water from the group head just not the water tap
  6. Came home from work this evening, switched on machine, 30 mins later and no pressure or hot water. The machine wasnt heating up at all. Any thoughts? Thanks
  7. Im in 1. Igm45 (500g) 2. Dunk (250g) 3. dfk (500g) 4. Rhys (500g) 5. Phobic (500g) 6. Kennyboy993 (250g) 7. working dog (500g) 8. Urbanbumpkin(250g) 9. Hibbsy(250g) 10. Greenblood (500g) 11. Blackstone (250g)
  8. Cheers. Will go ahead and place an order myself then
  9. I went for an sj to this. Noticeable difference in the cup, it's also grinds quicker and is much quieter which is a major plus with the misses
  10. i use hma. easy setup on both pc and android
  11. Interested to know what issues you have. While it's not perfect it works for me at least
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