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  1. To give you guys an example, I purchased mine mid November 2018 for £403. That was the going price at the time, now it's at an eye-watering £549. I understand inflation and what'not but a £150 increase is bonkers.
  2. pips


    Hello and welcome Mr Z.
  3. Was shopping around for a Barista Express for a family member and noticed a shocking price increase ? Is this due to recent events or have they been on the up ?
  4. Just set up a reef tank that uses 0 TDS water and got me thinking if it's safe to consume in my espresso machine??
  5. I must be clearly missing something. Fist someone picks up a minima for £300 and now this....Well done mate!!!
  6. What's the ratio of bicarb if soda to water guys ?
  7. Offer is available until 17/7/19, I'm waiting for stock to replenish. Can't wait!
  8. pips

    eBay Coffee beans ??

    I was looking at the eBay seller "roastbatch". A quick Google and it seems like a decent company with very competitive pricing running out of Newcastle. Putting in a order now.
  9. pips

    eBay Coffee beans ??

    A quick search on eBay reveals a few roasters selling freshly roasted beans at a decent price. It could be a false economy if the beans aren't that high quality/fresh. Has anyone used sellers on eBay for roasted beans ?
  10. Wow I never knew it would be that user friendly to work on the machine.
  11. I've tried Rave Coffee and Union Coffee. I'd like to try Coffee Compass if anyone's willing to share a code with me.
  12. I'll have the sage Knock box if you want to sell separately.
  13. Sorry for asking such a daft question. I'll be performing my first descaling and would rather not buy Sage's overpriced descaler. Out of these 3 what are people using and recommending ? Dezcal, Durgol or Puly Descaler ? Thanks
  14. I would totally pay asking price had I not purchased a Barista Express. Good luck with the sale OP.
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