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  1. Thanks! have contacted their general contact email. I couldn't find any information on their website. Now just the wait to hear back from them.
  2. I am currently speaking to suppliers who can provide private-label coffee for me which I am going to sell on my website. Before making any decisions I'm seeking advice on the various authorities I may need to contact, etc. before selling the coffee online. I myself will not be roasting or even packaging the coffee. Can anyone shed some light on what will be required? Thanks, Billy
  3. Hi jmn, Did you have any luck finding a supplier? I'm in a similar situation looking for white label coffee suppliers. Thnks, Billy
  4. Hi Glenn, would you be able to point me toward the UK Coffee Roasters list you mentioned?
  5. Hi, thanks for the reply, can you give me more info on what you mean by ethically sourced? Thanks!
  6. Hi Glenn, Thanks for the advice! The reason for wanting Fairtrade is that I want to create a ethical brand, I'm going to be donating some of the profit to charity (which is my unique selling point) so I'd like to maintain an ethical look.
  7. Hi all, I'm starting an online coffee store as a side project. I'm an ecommerce developer and wanted to start my own shop. I'd like to find a supplier that I can buy small amounts of coffee from to start with (1kg - 5kg but hopefully more in time). I'd like to buy 3 different coffee's from three different areas to start with. Maybe 2 African coffees and one South American? The beans need to be fairtrade and I'd like to re-brand the coffee as my own. My long term plan is to roast the beans myself prior to shipping but for the moment I'm testing the water with pre-roasted beans. Can anyone recommend any suitable suppliers that I can buy from? Thanks, Billy
  8. I'm looking to start a new venture in selling coffee online. It'll be a side project to start with. I am an ecommerce developer and want to see what it's like to run an online store AFTER development. I've chosen to sell coffee as I'm a huge coffee person and have started dabbling in home roasting. My plan is to sell maybe 6 different types of coffee from different places at first. I have quite a unique selling point as well which differentiates me from the crowd. I have a couple of questions. 1. If you have sold coffee online before; what are your experiences operating a online store? Are there any tips or warning you can suggest? 2. What's the best stage of coffee to stock? I was thinking green beans as I could roast on order since I'm just starting I don't know how much to stock and I don't want pre-roasted beans going off. 3. I'm looking to buy in green coffee beans and roast them myself on order. I'd like to know if there are any green coffee bean suppliers that anyone can recommend that match the following criteria? - Good quality/feedback on taste - Reasonably well priced (I'm not cheap, but also don't have much money) - I'd like to re-brand the coffee as my own - Offers a good selection of different coffee's from different parts of the world (it's important I have a wide ranging stock) I'm located in Edinburgh if that helps. Any help most appreciated! Billy
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