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  1. Hi Howard, Thanks for the reply. Ok I seem to have established that at some point in the last 6 years Rocket did change to a different profile - as per the links above. I dug out the naked PF and indeed it has the straighter and deeper profile. Bella quoting 22g therefore appears to be considering the new shape. Can I ask if you have the lower profile or the new one? When I measure the depth (before it tapers) of the low profile pf it seems to be around 26mm so according to this table it seem to correlate with your findings. Thanks also for the perspective. I don't usu
  2. Hi All, I have been looking at trying VST and /or IMS baskets however, I notice that the Rocket portafilter (mine anyway) is tapered and not that deep. This worries me on how big a basket I'll be able to fit and I've not been able to find out about compatible alternative portafilters that might be deeper/ straighter? I do have a naked /bottomless but I don't want to use that. One thing I did notice however is this portafilter which looks like it has straight sides and is much deeper .. that's if they are using the right picture. https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/rocket-espresso-dou
  3. I said I'd report back on this so here goes .. Finally my machine is fixed (but not delivered yet). The engineer tells me that the element was indeed the problem and that he found the boiler was clean. That's pretty good news after nearly 6 years. When I dropped the machine off to him I did ask him about filtration, mainly what he thought of the Rocket tank filters. He didn't seem to recommend them saying they were essentially salts which would likely be corrosive in time and end up tainting the drink. As for effectiveness he seemed to think they would not do much more than Brita fi
  4. I hadn't seen that and so went to look. It's quite expensive but I think it may well just pay for itself if it keeps your machine scale free. Got me thinking now ...
  5. My very first coffee machine was a Saeco and they used aluminium parts and it really is not a good metal to use in a coffee machine. The grouphead actually broke one day and I noticed that coffee had eaten through the aluminium, it had deep pitting on the inside. Dread to think what it did to my stomach. I was considering Gaggia after that but saw they used Aluminium in their boilers so I opted for the Rancilio Ms Silvia. So it's an interesting find re: Andrew Meo and good ol' Gale (I used to watch a lot of their vids drooling over the machines and thinking how being in USA or Australia i
  6. Yes that truly looks awful. So did you descale regularly despite the recommendations not to? The problem with me was I did it and the group pressure fluctuated wildly- the needle tended to almost vibrate at times. Andrew Meo gave me some kind of info but we all think that some scaling had got caught up somewhere. Over time it got better so I ended up not doing anything but the issue was described here: So maybe I was just unlucky and if it hadn't happened I would have descaled more regularly most probably. It would be interesting to know how many people do actually descale
  7. Hasi, honestly it wasn't my intention to impolite and i tried to make it clear "not to get me wrong". But you did ask me some pertinent questions which I thought would go to "do this or use the mulitmeter here" but you said a couple of things that confused me. First was "depends on the cycle ... " when I tell you that it would be drawing 1200 watts if it was heating. When the machine temperature is 0 or very low, the element would be on surely (100%) ... there is no cycle here the electronics would put full power until boiler reaches pressure /temp. So that was somehow strange to me.
  8. Hasi, with all due respect I am very grateful for your input and help so pleased don't get me wrong, however, I was not looking at why the element has failed I am trying 1) to find out if it has actually failed and 2) I was asking for suggestions on who might be able to fix it locally to me. I had a Rancilio Silvia before this and yes scaling is always a problem but it's not nearly as bad as you say. When I finally opened the boiler after 8.5 years of use the element was pretty clean but scale had gathered at the bottom. For this period of use I was quite surprised. In the case of
  9. Descaled once and screwed the machine up - it's a long story and I should avoid going into what happened. You aren't supposed to do that with these machines apparently so I use Brita filtered water only. I know there may be scaling but when I got a lukewarm coffee I had a perfectly hot one 1 hour earlier. Lukewarm - there needs to be some life left in your machine???? I don't understand this statement. The machine was ok up till I made the second coffee. Descaling problem would lead, I assume , to a gradual decrease in performance. This is not heating - an hour before it was perfect.
  10. No, the boiler pressure is sitting at 0 so nothing is getting heated up. If it were I'd see 1200 watts hit my monitor. Edit: I just tested one more thing. After taking the water tank out I filled it back up with water and the sensor turns the pump on to fill the boiler. So that all works too
  11. Good suggestion, I occasionally drop into to them to grab some coffee. I'll give them a ring. Thanks
  12. Hi All, First off is there a way I can be email notifications. I have got the notify selected but didn't get any email, I happened to have the page open and refreshed it. Anyway on to the questions. Does it draw power? According to my electricity monitor there is no discernable drain however, without the element it probably won't show. So I believe though everything else is working but hard to say. I only noticed this when my coffee was lukewarm. Ie. Light is on, water sensor is working, and water is pumped when lever is operated. So as it stands it appears that the only th
  13. Hi Sorry if this is repeated - I tried to find out where I'd posted this and it didn't show up..... My Rocket Evo 2 decided to stop heating up this evening and I was wondering about either: 1) Doing this myself (not 100% sure, even though I do take on DIY stuff). 2) Finding someone to do it fairly local to me. I can buy the heating element from Bella Barrisata but the thought of getting them to do it is a bit much as the pain of getting it to them for one and their high rates. I wonder if anyone knows of someone in the Sussex area (I'm in Brighton) that may be up to do
  14. Hi folks, Sadly my Evo 2 decided it's going to stop heating up just as I ordered 6kg of coffee :) I am wondering if it's easy enough to replace this myself or if I should find someone to do it. Unfortunately Bella Barrista is a long way off and they are quite expensive so even if I wanted to get them to do it, getting the machine to them is a pain. Can anyone recommend any service engineers in the south Coast area (I'm in Brighton) or provide any advice as to the best way to deal with this issue. Hope I can get this machine up an running again soon. Louis
  15. Thanks to you both for your replies. I did edit my original post as I managed to crack it in the end. Maybe the wd40 did work its way in but the key here I think was to stop the flexing so I put something under the portafilter handle to stop that and finally the nut gave. It's all back together now and lubricated - I noticed some scratches on the cam shaft which aren't too bad but probably will need replacing in a year or so. Other than that, thankfully, all is well.
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