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  1. Sorry I'm not up to speed at all here, ... did he previously sell the company? Who does he hand his notice into?
  2. Lovely coffee, would definitely buy again.
  3. That's horrific! Check that all the panels have been screwed back in properly.
  4. Lovely espresso, 18g / 30g, 30 secs. Fruity, blackcurrant.
  5. When I ordered I had forgotten about the issues with delivery from Europe. However, postage was only £5 and it took about a week to arrive.
  6. These are really nice. Best as a straight up espresso as adding anything to it dilutes the subtle delicacies.
  7. How fresh are we talking here? Beans need time to rest, ideally 2 weeks.
  8. I keep sniffing the bag, can't wait, but being a patient boy.
  9. Beautiful packaging and the beans smell lovely, can't wait for this!
  10. I wouldn't worry about it myself.
  11. Thanks for the recommendation, just made my first order from the barn.
  12. I've had a break from these for a couple of weeks just to give it more time to rest. I can't help but think these beans are 'almost' spectacular. I say almost because I think maybe something went a miss on the roast. If these beans didn't have the savoury note, it would be a knock out coffee for me. If anyone buys another bag, please let us know what its like👍 👍
  13. Good to know! Yes I'm hoping that whatever caused the issue originally has since been fixed. The rust itself was powder dry so didn't seem like there had been any recent leaks. Thanks
  14. Now that I've cleaned it and applied some kurust, it doesn't look so sorry. Think ill just keep an eye on it for now and see what happens. Cheers.
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