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  1. Sorry to jump on this thread BUT... if you are are looking at the c. £700 segment and you want a spring/lever machine what's the concerted opinion? The recommendation seems to be Londinium but they're a bit outside my price bracket. Anything in a lower price range? What about the Elektra models? Cheers
  2. Give the man a cigar!! Water out of the steamer and main head correctly now :-) Split the solenoid and poked all the holes clear and blown them through. Rinsed out. Works fine now. :-) Cheers :-)
  3. No I didn't go that far but the fact that I also couldn't get water out of the steam wand seemed to point to a dodgy pump. I'll get it out again and split it apart.
  4. Well I took the solenoid out and soaked/cleaned it. That was relatively easy to do. No better; if anything things are worse. Nothing is coming out of the steam wand (steam and brew turned on) and only dribbles out of the main head (steam turned off). Are we thinking pump then? :-(
  5. Please.... can anyone out there help? Classic. c. 3 years old. Only used for Espresso.... about 4 shots a day. It's started being really slow on pumping. I've taken the shower head and group head off but the pumping is still really slow. It's always been run with softened water so it can't be a hard water problem. If you look at the water outlet hole it's just a dribble; it gets there eventually but it's taking a couple of mins for a shot! Any ideas? Thanks Steve
  6. well new Classic installed and running. Might this be one of the new 'now owned by Philips' units? The pump is much loader then the 3 year old model I have. Also the filter has some stupid gadget in, presumably to help crema for people using poor coffee. Plus the filter insert has a tiny outlet. Gadget removed and filter changed. Now works grand; if a little noisy ;-)
  7. If I'm honest I try and stay away from Amazon unless there's a big saving to be had. Amazon can be good from a customers point of view but they're rip off artists for the supplier due to the way they effectively price fix and charge 7% overall. Harts of Stur are within a quid so I've gone there in the end with the full 2yr warranty. Thanks anyway :-)
  8. I already have a classic at work but I want one for home (best sub £200 machine you can buy - IMHO). Can anyone advise the best place (price) to buy one at the moment in the UK? Some time on google and the choice looks like amazon or harts of sur; both at about £180.
  9. Another idea is to replace the MDF with another MDF. I've been very happy with the MDF. Okay it's a doser model which means you have to keep on pulling the lever about 8 or 9 times to get the ground coffee but it's been very reliable and does, IMHO, a good grind. However I'm curious. Why is this grinder never mentioned? Is there something about the MDF I'm not aware of?
  10. Hmmm... ;-) Well I was also looking at the Baratza Encore at about the same price. Seen some good reviews of the Encore and, importantly for me, the reviews say the Encore has no issues with grinding fine enough for espresso. btw... anyone bought from sotmau.com? They show some stonking prices for the Encore.
  11. Hi, My Gaggia MDF just made a horrible noise whilst dosing so it looks like it's on it's way out; can't complain... it's had a LOT of use of the six plus years I've had it. So I was looking at an MC2 has a potential replacement. However I've seen this statement on the happydonkey web site... PLEASE NOTE WELL A NUMBER OF GRINDERS HAVE BEEN RETURNED THIS YEAR DUE TO THEM BEING OVER-TIGHTENED, THIS IS NOT COVERED BY THE WARRANTY AND THIS IS CLASSED AS ABUSE BY IBERITAL. Is this something to worry about?
  12. Yes I use a single basket but the shot time is fine.... typically 23,24,25 seconds. I think it was the initial poster that had a short pull.
  13. Scales have arrived. Looks like I'm using 9-10g of coffee.
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