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  1. Thanks for that comment, sanadsaad. I've learned so much from the great people on this forum over the years, and there's always been a real sense of community here, so it's just in keeping the spirit of the forum.
  2. It's yours, Wuyang. If you're in Sheffield then I could possibly meet your half way depending on the timeing. Let's go to private message to sort the details. Cheers Tony
  3. I am finally downsizing and expect to move in 6 weeks, so need to clear out some kit that I have not used in years. I am offering my original starter kit, comprising a Gaggia Baby and Iberital grinder. It has not been used for some time so will need a service, but it should make a good starter kit for someone. It's free to anyone who's prepared to collect from Chesterfield, so what do you have to loose? All I ask is that if you like it, when you've had a chance to try it out, you consider making a donation to the forum. Collection only from Chesterfield.
  4. Thank you for confirming it arrived safe and sound, and for a straightforward transaction. In retrospect, I may have got a bit carried away with the packaging .... :-)
  5. Excellent, thank you. Lets go to private message to sort payment and delivery/collection. Cheers Tony
  6. I bought this in October 2014, but only used it a few times before I developed some health problems and my wife "tidied up" while I wasn't looking. So, it's been at the back of the cupboard most of it's life; in it's original packaging and virtually brand new. I'm asking £95, plus £5 UK shipping. To save on shipping I'm happy to drop it off somewhere in the Sheffield/Derby Nottingham area, at no charge, or you can collect from me in Chesterfield and try my Londinium L1 / Compak K8 Fresh set-up.
  7. I just started on these today, and I'm very impressed. I'm enjoying this as a flat white - very smooth, and I'm getting lovely fudge flavours. My wife's initial reaction in an americano was less positive, but my son & I are both really liking these in milk.
  8. 2 x 1kg just arrived via parcelforce. Includes postcard with some interesting background on Dark Woods. I am looking forward to trying this one. Froggy - I think I owe you some more money? I am sure I only paid for one extra kg last month. I'll follow-up on PM to straighten up with you.
  9. Based on these comments I am thinking I need to grind tighter too. I am enjoying them, but I don't think I am getting the best out of these beans yet.
  10. It's back with a Bang! Coffee Compass DSOL was just delivered by Parcel force. Great fun - colourful labels and a couple of unexpected goodies. A sample of Christmas 15 blend and a Pallo Coffeetool - maybe because I got 2kg or maybe because its almost Christmas. I wonder how many kg you'd need to order before they ran out of different colours for the labels - I think I got most of the spectrum here :-) Many thanks.
  11. Thank you Martin & Froggy. I've now paid, and sent my address via PM this morning. If there are any spare guest slots left, could I take an extra 1kg this month to tide me over Christmas? Please give priority to any guest requests from others, to spread the goodness, but I'd happily take more this month. I can send another £24 from my phone by return.
  12. Excellent! I'm in for 1kg. Happy to go as high as 2kg if anyone drops out and we need extra to keep it going. Tapatalk messes up the list when I try to edit, so could someone on a PC please update the list for me? Really excited at the possibility this may get off the ground again! Many thanks froggy
  13. From the last 6months of DSOL, I would put Baytown Coffee Co up there alongside Dark Arts. Not as complex, perhaps, but lovely rich flavours IMHO.
  14. I will sign up for 1.5kg, or 2kg if necessary, to get this off the ground again.
  15. This is how DSOL previously worked £60 paid in one go This is for a 3 month subscription Each month the participating roaster will send 1kg of one SO or blend of their choice , that matches the brief of DSOL This could be something new or a variation of an existing blend or bean to match the brief supplied If you are interested in this format please add your name below 1. johnealey 2. h1udd 3. Fevmeister 4. ronsil 5. blackstone 6. Rhys 7. TonyW
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