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  1. I can report that it appears to be a non-issue. After several treatments with hydrochloric acid to get rid of lime and rust, I finally got the screws out, with the help of some WD-40. And there's no visible damage to the chrome that wasn't there before. As for the boiler top, I bought a set of screw extractors and tried get the stuck screw out of there, but ended up breaking the screw extractor - so now instead of the soft screw metal, I have an extremely hard piece of the tool stuck in there, which I can't drill into. But it's not a big deal, I was prepared to write off that boiler anyway.
  2. Thanks! I suspected this. I guess I'll try it and see how it turns out. I don't know if I can salvage the upper half of the boiler, unfortunately. Not only is it caked with scale, but I managed to break one of the screws for the steam valve, so unless one of those screw remover gadgets happens to actually work, it'll be a lost cause.
  3. Thanks! It appears to be the perfect place to get ideas for how to spend even more money while refurbishing my Gaggias!
  4. I am trying to salvage a badly mistreated Gaggia Paros boiler (I have a new boiler already, just don't want to just throw away the old one unnecessarily), and in order to get out the remainder of the screws that held the group head to the boiler, I may need to resort to hydrochloric acid since nothing else seems to do much. However, that will probably strip off the chrome coating as well. Does anyone know if there's a technical (as opposed to esthetic) reason for that chrome coating, or if it can be safely stripped? I'm thinking a bare brass group head might look kinda cool, actually.
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