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  1. Thanks MSM. Not sold here before, so i presume I send you payment details by PM?
  2. Another photo to follow next few mins Yes complete, except for one of the two threaded bolts as described
  3. Thanks folks. How strange. They looked fine on my screen. Took new pics. Hopefully visible ?
  4. Good clean condition. Rescued, removed heavy limescale. Unfortuantely, 2 of the 4 threaded bolts (size M5) would not return to original threads in alloy body. Rok don't do spares, and threads very shallow anyway. Quicksteel (epoxy metal repair weld) provided to bond alternative screws. I never will get around to it £20 delivered NO OFFERS THANKS. OR Swap for couple of fresh 250g retail packs whole beans. Depends what you have. Fruity, winey, acidic
  5. hey Do you notice any discernible difference between bleached (white) and unbleached (brown) filters?. Quite a difference in price Thanks very much !
  6. Anyone have the stainless steel one for sale?. Not the uber expensive copper version thanks
  7. I'm not; "glass server withstood pressure of aeropress extraction, but was otherwise easily chipped & cracked"
  8. Thanks for the link. Doesn't need to be glass
  9. ABSOLUTELY NO OFFERS THANKS Please read details ! Used item, producing great espresso. Sold with everything shown in photo. Please note 2 of 4 retaining holes for shoulder screws are worn and screws no longer secure after taking apart to descale. The cast aluminium body didn't like that. Long term, my intended easy solution was to re-insert screws in product such as QuikSteel Aluminium Reinforced Epoxy Putty. Presso still works fine without repair, which concurrs with screws having a retaining purpose, more than load bearing. No rubber feet (can't remember if it ever did). Other than this, just usual wear and tear, marks etc Now used rarely as have too many brew methods.
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