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  1. Thank you all for your advice, we are a brand new house so the electrics will be most certainly the latest. The garage is separate to the house thankfully so the home insurance shouldn’t be a issue…I’d hope. Thanks again everyone for being very helpful
  2. Thank you both for your advice here. It was really important to get people’s experience who have actually successfully done this. I plan on damp proofing the walls and then, stud wall/ insulation etc to walls and I will be boarding the ceiling too. my garage is a 1 and a half garage so I plan to convert the garage door side into the roasting room. Then I’d laminate the floor too so it can be cleaned etc. Luckily i am IOSH registered so I can do the risk assessment. thanks again 👍
  3. Hi everyone Me and my wife are currently putting our business plan etc in into place and at the moment we are struggling to find real information on what’s required legally to start roasting. We plan to covert part of our garage and we are wondering if anyone has successfully done this and what was required to do this if at all? - Do we require a health and hygiene inspection? If so what was needed to be done. I.e was hot water and sinks needed to be plumbed in? - Did you need to register as a food business? - what insurances were required? If so did they required any certification for proof etc. We will only be selling online and deliver locally so we will not have people come to collect. - Any thing else that was required legally that I’ve missed out. Any help is really appreciated Steve
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