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  1. I just received my MaraX (with a Eureka Mignon Specialita) on tuesday, and I'm very happy with it. I don't have much space in my kitchen either, but even my wife thinks this is a nice and compact setup. My father in law has the Bianca, and the MaraX is definately better for a small space. I've fitted all the walnut details available for the MaraX as well, so it's really looking great!
  2. twjacobsen

    Mara X

    I like that too, I'm not trying to ruin that I have a spare phone next to it, that could be used for this purpose, but if there's one less thing I'd have to do, I'd be happier, I guess
  3. twjacobsen

    Mara X

    Hi all, first post - long time lurker! Yesterday I finally received my MaraX (been waiting for a month because the grinder was out of stock ), but so far I'm really enjoying it. What a difference this is to our old Sage Barista Express! Anywho, I love to tinker. While waiting for the machine to arrive, I read everything I could find, and stumbled upon a project where a reed sensor would be attached to the pump, to make a shot timer for the machine. Meanwhile, I've been wondering - wouldn't it be easier to just connect to the small button that is pushed in by the brew lever? If this is not possible, I expect to be fitting a zigbee-connected door/window sensor instead of an "oldschool" reed sensor to connect directly to my homeassistatn setup. I'm don't like wires sticking out of my stuff
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