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  1. i need to get it right before i open as driving home tonight my eye was twitching probably from caffeine overdose . i kept tasting the expressos and timing them to try and get it right.
  2. yes thats how it seems like i could do with a half click maybe/
  3. Expobar grinder on demand I've found the settings very hard to get right. One click one way and it can be 15 seconds to pour and then one click another way I get the correct timing of around 25 seconds. Does this sound about right as I am new to setting grinders.
  4. I will be opening my coffee shop/cafe in the next couple of weeks. My latte cups are 340ml. Is a standard latte best served with just one shot or two or is it best to give the customers an option and just stick with one shot.
  5. A standard 1/4" bsp vaccum relief can be used but a separate 1/4" female to female connector will be needed to connect the 2 male parts.
  6. It was a bit tricky removing the old ball bearing from the t piece.i used double sided tape on a stick .
  7. All good now o had to go Screwfix and purchase a 1/4" coupling part to attach the universal vaccum relief The water pump is fine it goes up to 8bar with a blanking disk. Happy now all seems good , I just need to open now and seel lots of coffee.
  8. Yep your correct it's my first machine so still learning .I've got my new vaccum relief part today so will fit that later and do some YouTube videos of what's going on . it might be all fine but I have no reference to compare it.
  9. To be honest I'm a novice with these machines. I noticed the dial on the left never reaches the green .I've not checked when it's with a blind filter yet as I'm waiting for the vacuum relief part. It did seem to work fine with a low water pressure though . It's a tough machine as I can't find any user manuals or info on the machine . There was no funny noises when it was working and the water pressure was only in the blue part of the gauge and I'm guessing it should be in the green. Before the vacuum relief valve stuck the steam pressure was fine which is the right hand side of the duel gauge . I'm wondering is it measuring the water supply pressure on the left hand side which might be low. Thanks ian
  10. The gauge on the machine indicates a low water pressure. The steam pressure gauge is fine and in the green. Is there an adjustment screw on the water pump to increase the pressure .
  11. thanks i get that now. Ive managed to source a part I have a feeling when i turned it off the pressure must have equalized and the little ball inside has got stuck leaving it open. thanks for the help i will let you know if i can fix it.
  12. is this part to stop water from the gauge getting sucked back into the boiler as the machine cools or just to equalize the pressure as it cools. I'm slowly getting my head around these machines.
  13. it was working for around an hour then the hissing started and the pressure started to drop otherwise the pressure was fine previously. i will get a better picture later . pinching the rubber hose that goes to the waste outlet area the hissing stops straight away. the copper pipe goes from the boiler to a t piece that then goes to the gauge and the third part of the T goes to the rubber outlet.
  14. it looks like it just a feed for the gauge and if the pressure is to high it blows open but its blowing open before it gets to the green on the gauge.
  15. it was holding pressure fine i even managed a couple of nice tasting coffees from the machine then the gauge started to drop as it was hissing through the rubber pipe that goes to the drain.
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