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  1. Thanks! So your wife is also foreigner, as we are a Swiss couple living in Germany. Kind regards to Down Under! 🙂
  2. To my experience the grinder plays the most important role in order to achieve consistency. What are you using?
  3. According to Wikipedia, it is the third-largest in Europe north of the Alps.
  4. 🙂 Not really. And after all, the espresso machine is just the means to an end. Remember, main part of our coffee pleasure is the bean and the human in front of the machine. I doubt if I could get a Vesuvius for about 1700€, what I have paid for the SAB. Being retired I need to keep an eye on costs and investment.
  5. Done here, at the proper place, I believe.
  6. As @DavecUKsuggested, here's my setup:
  7. Will do so, probably later this afternoon. Ooops, no, obviously I still don't qualify for posting attachments.
  8. Ah, this is you, DaveC! The Duetto was a great espresso machine in it's time! Time is flying by, isn't it? Konstanz is not too far from my place, probably you know St. Blasien and it's dome. I am living in a village (526 habitants) belonging to the town of St. Blasien. Thanks!
  9. Hello @all Just found this friendly forum by following a link at a German forum. My first encounter with the British espresso scene was when I replaced our ECM Technika II with an Izzo Alex Duetto (serial number 0028) in 2008. If I remember correctly, this machine was the brainchild of DaveC and Antonio Nurri. This huge energy-hungry monster was followed in 2015 by an SAB Viennetta. Me and my wife have bought a former restaurant in the Black Forest in 2019, and we emigrated from Switzerland to Germany in December 2020. We spend our retirement in this converted inn. Thanks to the plumbing-in infrastructure, the Viennetta now has been replaced by a single-group SAB Jolly Automatica. The roomy professional kitchen is also a fine home for the Hottop Roaster. If you would like to know more about our dedication to espresso and coffee, be welcome to ask! Cheers, AlbertR
  10. I have found „coffeeforums.co.uk“ by following a link by a member at a German forum, „kaffee-netz.de“.
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