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  1. @DavecUK Thanks , that is what I really need , some guidance to start and develop roast profiles, I will be roasting in the upcoming days , I will make sure to record a video and show you the movement of the beans, but I would say that the machine in the video you attached , works the same as mine , it just have another separate chamber for chaf , while mine has it on top.
  2. @DavecUKI have not used roast profiles, I just roasted in 3 stages , heat the beans to be yellow, then heat to first crack , then wait a bit and get them out for medium roast. and if I want t dark roast I will wait for the second crack and then pull them right away after second crack so I will not get oily beans.
  3. Hi I have got this Air Coffee roaster (see images below) , it is Chinese , and can roast 150 gram at once, the main reason that I get it was for fun and it will be for free in the long run , as green beans cost 1/3 the price of roasted beans. After a year of using it , once to twice per month with some basic roasting knowledge, I think that it is time to try some roast profiles manually. I have Ethiopia / India / Columbia / Tanzania / Yemen green beans ( i just know the country of the beans but not their regions) I am looking for some help with a general roast profiles for espresso, for example phases and timing of each phase that will give me good flavors using this roaster. I did look for some profiles on the forums , but found that a lot of users use gene 101 roaster. will these profiles work with my roaster or how can adapt / convert these profiles to my roaster for example should me phases be longer or shorter when comparing to gene 101. Thanks. this is the roaster , I can control the fan strength and the voltage , and see the current temperature.
  4. @DavecUKOkay, now I get it , and that's so true, the barista express tends to be cooler than the setting that you choose.
  5. @DavecUK now this is confusing so I will try to explain my newbie understanding. The original machine runs at 14 bar so the flow of water throw the thermoblock is faster when comparing to 9 bar , and faster flow means less time in the thermoblock , meaning less heat will be exchanged , so why with OPV mod only I should go to higher temperatures ? my logic says this : less pressure -> more time in thermoblock -> more heat -> need to lower the temperature
  6. @Rob1Thanks for explaining that (it is really helpful) , and think I will Bypass that problem by using lower temperatures on barista express as you suggested. @DavecUKthis is valuable info , so i will keep away from higher temperature adjustments on the barista express, will stay with the lower 3 settings out of the 5 available settings . Also , I think that I will not put a Dimmer for now, and try to get the best shots with the OPV mod and decide later , maybe buy another machine with pid and all the fancy stuff
  7. can you explain why ? or share something that I can read and understand why? and when you say reduce the flow , I think the OPV will reduce the flow too, is the OPV mod bad also on a thermoblock machine?
  8. Hi I have a Sage Barista express (with OPV mod to 9 bars). I want to know if I can do manual pressure profiling with OPV and Dimmer mods? 1) what is the lowest pressure that I can reach using the dimmer if I set the OPV to 10 bars 2) What dimmer should I get ? 100W? 600W? 3) is there a preferred way to connect the dimmer , on live wire or neutral wire ? 4) anyone with dimmer on Barista express , and want to share his experience ? Thanks.
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