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  1. Yes indeed πŸ‘Œ i'll increase a bit the OPV to 9,5+ can't wait to do the mod 😁
  2. MaraX is back and fully operationnal the retailer message (Google translated) : I did not disassemble the machine to check the pump, but I feel like I am losing a lot of water… i lose 100ml in the drip tray when doing a ~35g expresso (at 9,5 bars) 😨 maybe the OPV is set too high ? i dont think it's normal. I ordered the 2 parts yesterday to do the OPV mod 😁
  3. Thanks @DavecUK πŸ™ i’ll ask them
  4. Hi guys, some News from the retailer, they replaced the pump (Olab Silent Green model K09342) by a Ulka EX5. What do you think of this ? The Olab isn’t supposed to be better ?
  5. Hello @DavecUK I called the technician from the retailer, he was pretty confident about an injector issue (see attached). So i removed and cleaned it (to see through the little hole). But it didn't change anything He also said that the MaraX pump is very good, almost impossible to block. It can start and run with air inside, no problem. In the end, he wasnt able to say what's wrong. DHL comes tomorow to get the machine. I'll post when i'll have some news
  6. Two more videos 1. No water tank : 2. Syringe (poorly filmed πŸ˜‡) I said previously that everything cames out into the drip tray with the syringe but this time, it looks like no πŸ€” Thanks for helping guys πŸ™
  7. i dont think it's the water tank, when i unplugged the flex pipe (water tank side), all the water cames out (pretty fast lol). I already tried to do like this video : But it did nothing, the presure gauge hasn't moved But maybe i have to do it more ? The machine is still on warranty. I think i'll send it back this week ^^
  8. Hello @DavecUK Here is the video No water comes out of the drip tray πŸ˜•
  9. Hello, some news i'me sure there is no obstruction. I checked everything from the water tank to the pump. I also removed the limestone in the flex pipe to be sure. I injected some water into the pump with a 60ml syringe, evrything comes out in the drip tray. So it might be the pump ? all the flex pipe on the top of the machine are empty. Is it normal ?
  10. Nah dont be sorry it's fine. I'm french so i dont speak very well in english, i try to describe as much as possible, but this is very technical, i can miss some things Anyway, thanks for helping πŸ™ Tomorow i'll have all the time i need to do more tests and to find if i have an obstruction between the water tank and the pump. I also bought a 60ml syringe today, maybe it will help if i dont find any obstruction ?
  11. I tried this morning to prime the circuit with the lever up for 2 minutes, but same outcome: 0 bars (or 0,5 bars). I actually have some water that goes to the group, I have already wasted 1 quart of the water tank ^^ (i'll record a video this evening to show you). Is there an efficient way to check the tank outlet is not obstructed in any way ?
  12. How do i prime the circuit ? by simply keep the lever up during a certain amount of time ? I have some water but a little quantity (but more steam than when everything worked well). i'll do an another video tomorow to show you. Ok, and to remove the air in the circuit, the only way is to prime the circuit like @MediumRoastSteam said ? I'll try it tomorow Thank you guys
  13. Well, it didnt fix the problem, how long i have to raise the lever? i read on home-barista that i have maybe to purge everything to remove the air in the system ?
  14. I have some water but not too much, i didnt want to waste any Volvic hihi ^^ Yes i have some water in the blind filter or if remove the portafilter, i see some steam and a bit of water. Thank you Dave, i hope it will fix the problem i just switched on the MaraX to try it i'll be back soon (with good news i hope ahah)
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