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  1. Hi there, it’s an Izzo Alex MkII. The previous owner fitted a 1 hole steam tip as opposed to the standard two hole. Even so the pressure is really low. I would assume that the pressure from the single hole would be higher than if I split it into two streams? To give you some idea I used to have a BBE and the steaming power on that was honestly better! To answer your other point the steam seems to run pretty constantly without dropping, just at a low pressure. The hole in the tip is quite wide so maybe that could be affecting it?
  2. I recently bought a second hand heat exchanger E61 machine with a pressure stat (as opposed to a PID). I just have a question regarding the heat exchanger, namely to do with the boiler pressure. Whilst sitting idle the pressure continually drops relatively quickly (over the space of about 30 seconds) and then the heating element kicks in and it rapidly rises again over the space of another few seconds it usually ranges between 1.1 and 1.4 bar on the boiler pressure guage. This cycle continues and the system keeps fluctuating like this quite rapidly. I wondered whether this was normal and simply the boiler trying to maintain a stable temperature or whether this was out of the ordinary and symptomatic of a potential problem. Any help or guidance from people with more knowledge for myself would be very much appreciated thanks! On a side (but potentially related) note, the steam pressure is really low. This may be because the previous owner installed a 1 hole steam tip (with quite a wide hole) but I'm not sure as the pressure is really quite low.
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