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  1. I just used a large Jubilee clip to hold the thermocouple in place at the base of the boiler.
  2. I agree that the default location for the thermostats means that you are sensing the temperature of elements rather than the water temperature. I moved my thermocouple as close to the brew head and as far away from the elements. ie right down the bottom front of the boiler. The location for the steam thermostat is on a spur away from the boiler so I thought it was better to place it next to the brew head, this seems to work well for my Sestos PID. One advantage of having a small boiler like the gaggia is that if you wait for the temperature to become stable on pid then after a few minutes you know that the water temperature inside the boiler will be the same as your pid reading. Both Aluminium and water are good thermal conductors.
  3. Jez W

    Lighter roasts

    Extract seem to have a similar roast profile to Hasbean - are there any more suggestions as its always interesting to try new roasters?
  4. Wow - thats the best looking piece of engineering I have seen in a long time - pity I will never be able to afford it.
  5. Does the wooden top have any marked effect on the grinder noise? After sorting out Grind Retention, reducing the noise would be my next mod!
  6. I'm also interested in these questions as well. I was struggling to repeat some good shots with Extract's Hope Project espresso till I bumped my temperature down by 3C and it made bast improvement. It would be good to have some pointers with regard to temperature.
  7. So is anyone tempted now by there 6 month subscription which is 25% off? http://www.unionroasted.com/roastmaster-6month-coffee-gift-set-exclusive-911.html It seems like an ok deal for 2x 250g per month but I am concerned that I would end up getting some of their "dark" or "extra dark" roasts. If I wanted to taste burnt tyres I would go out and lick the road but maybe their Revelation espresso would prove my prejudice wrong! Has anyone tried it?
  8. I have been enjoying some San Jeronimo bourbon microlot over the weekend - great news is that the offer still seems live on their website so everyone has a chance to enjoy the offer.
  9. What AndyL said is correct but you will have to take the top of the case to look. If you havn't done this before you just simply remove the two screws at the back and lift the lid off. There is an earth lead that connects to the lid so just make sure it is attached before you screw everything back.
  10. The Saturday Times have a 50% code of coffee up to 2kg from Union Roasters today. http://www.unionroasted.com/times Enjoy
  11. Try this seller on ebay? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UK-Shipping-Digital-PID-temperature-controler-SSR-K-Sensor-thermostats-/320869323753?pt=UK_Home_Garden_Hearing_Cooling_Air&hash=item4ab54d53e9 I bought this set up when I put a pid on my Gaggia Classic. You just need to add a project box, wire and some crimp connectors to finished the job all for ~£40
  12. Is this meant to be fixed now as I can't login either?
  13. I am also having similar problems - was there a new release overnight?
  14. Clever Coffee Dripper + Filters are top of my list.
  15. I tried my S-Filter for the first time last night with some Extract Makwa Estate beans from Kenya. I was a little concerned that the filter was slightly smaller than the black holder but the press itself worked well producing a very clean cup. I haven't done a side by side comparison with the filter paper but I couldn't taste much difference between the s-filter and previous brews with paper. The filter is also easy to clean with a quick wash under the tap to remove all the coffee. I think the S-Filter will make a great alternative to paper filters especially if you use the Areopress a lot and it will be interesting to see if over time it makes any improvement to the coffee taste.
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