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  1. Yes as you say handling the basket etc can be a bit awkward but after a few times it's no problem at all. For something that is very much plug in and play it works perfectly every time so far, there are other roast profiles available on the app but I haven't bothered purely and simply because the first results on slow medium were good and I'm still learning how to use the Pavoni so doing everything at one setting at the moment does at least help me understand the results I'm getting and can consistently monitor my results.
  2. I'm a week or so into my Sandbox Smart roaster and just thought I'd share my findings with anyone who may be interested. 3 different green beans have been roasted to date, all are on the Slow medium roast 100g per time. Espirit Santos from Balle Barista that came with the machine, superb smooth coffee with a wonderful taste. San Patricio El Limon from Hasbean, superb smooth coffee same lovely texture and taste as Espirito Santo. Jailbreak from Hasbean, okay but nothing near as smooth as the two above. All ground on 9 on the Niche, 18g in the Portafilter same temperature and 9 bar on the Pavoni. I would add I like milk in my coffee all heated to 65 and full fat. I may well try them as black coffee.
  3. I took advantage of the free Vertuo machine if you bought 200 capsules. At first I really enjoyed the intense variety capsules, although I did think there was too much foam. After about two weeks of ownership I decided to buy a Pavoni a grinder then a roaster. Although a fair bit to master the coffee I now make is by quite some margin better, Nespresso isn't that bad but there are many ways to get a nicer coffee. I'm considering selling the Vertuo and the remaining 150 odd pods I have left as I only use it when friends come around and I have to knock out several at one time. Although I'm sure if they taste what I make now despite the time it takes they may prefer my Pavoni pulled brews.
  4. Just to add my thoughts, I've just bought a Smart Sandbox from Bella Barista and they gave me a 1 kilo pack of Espirito Santo green beans with the machine They are superb and I'll definitely be buying more as the taste is so smooth. I think I may just purchase a 1 Kilo pack each time until I've sampled a few more.
  5. Just thought I would add to this section. I've just bought a Sandbox Smart and Bella Barista kindly provided a 1 Kilo pack of Espirito Santos Camocin organic green beans with the machine. Wow they are lovely, I did them on the slow medium roast setting and after grinding them at 9 on the Niche grinder they made a really, really nice cup of coffee not only do they smell nice throughout the process the taste has me hooked. I shall be buying more and trying one or two others in their range. For the record I'm new to all this so don't necessarily take my word as gospel as I only have very little experience in this section of the coffee makers world.
  6. Thanks, many years ago I had a few old motorbikes and one of them a 1950 Moto Morini Tressette Sprint had some beautiful alloy casting on it's engine and the Pavoni reminds me of that, about the same era I guess.
  7. It's okay, I like milk in my coffee, for my Vertuo set-up a have a Dualit milk machine and it's dead easy as I put some 85% chocolate flakes in it and it makes a nice chocolatey addition to the coffee . Some would say you need it for a Nespresso coffee but nonetheless it made a pleasant drink. I may get one of those self adhesive temperature strips for the metal milk jug to get it about right. As I prefer the extra volume you get through steaming and being a full fat organic milk person it needs all the help it can get.
  8. Thanks for the kind comments, I'm just enjoying what must be about the 12th cup I've made with the machine. Letting it heat up on it's own seems to be the key, I turn it on half an hour before I need it. I made my first roasting Friday when the machine arrived, Bella Barista provided a 1 Kil bag of Espirito Santo Camocin organic green beans with the machine and I roasted them on the slow medium setting. The smell of fresh roasting filled the kitchen and spread through the house, lovely. Harrods gave 4 bags of their Knightsbridge roast free with the Pavoni but compared to the home roast I made there is quite a difference. The home roasted beans smell lovely when brewing and the taste is like the smell, lovely and very smooth. So when I get better at the Pavoni I'm sure I'll buy more of the Espirito Santo beans they are lovely. The Niche Zero is set at 9 and that seems to be about right, and I'm more confident with the Pavoni you just know when you've got it right and the results confirm that but I've still got a lot to learn but very much enjoying the whole palaver.
  9. Having tried many ways of getting a nice cup of coffee I decided as it's my birthday to jump in the deep end. I've managed to get a new Niche Zero in black from a guy on Facebook, a new La Pavoni Esperto Abile arriving any minute now and to complete the set up just ordered the new Sandbox bean roaster. There will be plenty to learn I'm sure and just ordered some green beans from Hasbean to try my own roasting when it turns up.
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