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  1. I seldom have channeling. Made this quick one. Coffee is one hour old Malabar. Just roasted it and haven't adjusted my grinder to the new coffee yet. I never use the naked becauseI always pull two seperate espressos. Grind is off a bit but not much canneling. Little donut but who cares. Shot tasted too fresh of course. I never level the coffee or do WDT.Grind into the portafilter and tamp the pile of coffee flat and lock in.
  2. Amazing you got this machine equipped with the older style groupheads. When my grouphead was worn out and I needed a new one I wanted the original,older type but couldn't get those.
  3. I like making videos.😁If you want I'll make one with a naked. But it's like with audio. I used to listen to Tannoy speakers for more than 10 years . At a certain moment my dealer tried to convince me to buy their new supertweeter. Very expensive but they could go up to 40000 hz I believe it was. That's pretty high but I was then 57 years old so my guess is my hearing didn't hear anything above 17000. Maybe less. Same goes in espresso.I believe everything that is measurable be it under a microscope or with a refr. meter. But if I can't taste the difference than that piece of equipment or routine isn't right for me.
  4. The clumsiness ....well it is fresh roasted Malabar.Static as hell. I don't believe unimodal distribution is that important.It may be important under the microscope but anything that isn't noticeable by taste to me isn't contributing anything in my espresso quest.I like to keep things simple. So I let the beans bounce around in the hopper.Filled or empty hopper? I don't taste any difference.
  5. K30 works perfectly as singledosing grinder.
  6. I replaced mine with a new one.Besides the shape both are exactly the same.
  7. A tip for Evo owners. Make sure the felt liner is installed in the top of the uppewr housing. In my Pompei they forgot of factory to put it in. It resulted in a worn out piston stem guide. Took 8 years to do it but it did. This one:
  8. Ok. I thought Pompeii was still a volcano that possibly could erupt.Where's that pipe?
  9. I am truly shocked. I come to this forum because I found this machine on youtube by accident. I found that machine interesting. I opened a post on a dutch forum because the machinre really looked interesting. Here it is: https://www.koffiepraat.nl/forum/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=11572&start=10 Cremalover is me. So what do I say about the Leva? I'll translate. 1.Double boiler machine with many options. 2.It's for sale. 3.Je kunt de machine bestellen. Londinium on steroidsTwee boilers apart te verwarmen,groeptemp. apart te regelen,pre infusie tot 4.2 bar regelbaar.Twee of een veer heel snel om te bouwen zonder speciale apparatuur.( ik doe het in 15 minuten)Drukmeter op groep voor manueel pressure profilen.Op vast water regelbare pre infusie druk gewoon bruikbaar.Geen weegschaal nodig.Afdruiprek registreerd wat er uit komt.15minuten is groep op temperatuur. Toch wel extreem snel voor die massa. Met een paar flushes lukt het mij in minder dan 25 minuten. Zonder flushes 45.Wow! I say: Itś a Londinium on steroids.Two boilers seperately heated.You can take out one spring very easily.Pressuregauge on group.On main water supply pressurized preinfusion still possible.No scale needed.Takes 15 minutes to heat up.Extreme fast for that mass of the group.My Pompei takes 45 minutes. Wow! (same in dutch as in english) Other member mentioned the flex. I say true but the the production series get a re-inforced frame. I then say why not reinforcing the frame before going on youtube with it. All in all I'm pretty much selling this machine for you. In the last post a member mentioned this site and I register and ask about the flex. Next thing I know I get questioned by two members as if I'm trolling. Makes totally no sense.
  10. Ok. Well although the LSM group on machines like for instance the LSM 80 Leva was a heat exchanger wirh a thermosyphon loup the Pompei is a pure dipper. I did some measurements pulling shot after shot 8 years ago with a dig. thermometer and the thing was real stable.
  11. Yep.The group is heavy and takes a while to get fully hot.Fully hot meaning the even the lever itself is hot. With flushing I could speed it up to about 25-30 minutes These days the machine is on a timer and in the morning when I get up is already on for a full hour. 15 minutes is pretty quick.
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