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  1. Quick update on the above: I've cleaned up the group head and ran a descaling. No change and still unable to pull an espresso shot
  2. Hey @DwightSchrute- wondering if you had any luck fixing your issue as I seem to have the same?
  3. I own a Dedica EC685 and from my own experience (I have this issue less than 3 months after buying) and what I've read online, there are sometimes some pump-related issues whereby hardly any water will come out of the group head thus making pulling an espresso impossible (eg. https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/42734-delonghi-dedica-hardly-any-water-coming-out-of-group-head/?tab=comments#comment-613181)
  4. Hi guys, I own a Dedica EC685 which I use on a daily basis for themy after lunch espresso (perks of working from home). I've had it for around 3 months so it is still new. Since a couple of weeks, I've experienced issues pulling espresso shots, with water only dripping from the portafilter (vs. a steady stream previously). I have not recently changed coarseness of my grind (i.e. I'm not grinding finer) and have tried with coarser coffee which resulted in the same dripping effect. I'm using the double shot basket which I've cleaned (no change) and have also tried the single shot basket (which was unused) with which I'm also getting barely any water through. have you guys ever experienced this / any idea what might be causing the issue? thank you so much! Hugo
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