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  1. Thanks @dfk41, i wasn't too sure how much above my current 18.5g i could go, as the portafilter appears pretty full at 18.5g, but i'll try your advise and increase to 19g to see how the results differ. Can just 0.5g increase the extraction time significantly? i.e. from 13 seconds to 23 seconds?
  2. Hi @CocoLoco, thanks for the detailed reply, it makes for sound advise. I'm hoping that just 6 weeks into being a home barista that i can make a number of changes that will all impact on my skills. I think a call to Sage is great advise, will be good to hear what they advise, and i agree, if they provide the tools and if the machine can be manually altered, then why not indeed. I'm guessing getting a finer grind will essentially provide me a longer extraction time, which at this stage i think is all i'm trying to achieve.
  3. Thanks @dfk41, i'll go ahead and experiment with the grind fineness (although i'm on grint setting 2 of 18 already with only grind 1 available for a finer option) and trying increasing my amount of coffee, although i'm not sure how much more the portafilter would be able to hold. Thanks again.
  4. Hi @lake_m, thanks for your response. I'm new to all of this, so please excuse my poor response! I can't see anywhere on the Pact labeling that shows the road level, is only states "Dark Espresso". I'll go away and some some research on the puck rake, its not something i've heard of in my 6 weeks of having a barista style machine! My output is between 36-37g, so i'm achieving the desired 2:1 ratio. Thanks again
  5. Hi Everyone, I’m after some advise on what I should do next. I purchased a Sage Barista express a little over 6 weeks ago and after watching endless YouTube Videos and reading numerous blogs I believe I have got a grasp of the basics. However, I appear to be hitting the same consistent problem, my coffee is extracting in around 13-15seconds, which form what I read is too fast. For clarity, this is 13-15 seconds from the point that I see the first drip of coffee appear from the portafilter, so total time from pressing the double shot button is around 20-23 seconds. So, here is where I am at so far… I grind exactly 18.5g of coffee on grind size 2 (I’m reluctant to go to grind size 1 as it leave me nowhere else to go from there). I grind on setting 2 as mentioned, which means my pressure gauge sits at the top end of the expresso scale, around o'clock on a clock face. I am tampering using the supplied temper tool and I try by best to evenly spread my grind out first. The 18.5g means that when I use the supplied razor I have zero wastage and nearly all the time it’s at the level where the razor would start to shave off excess. I have programmed the machine to extract 36g of coffee (2:1). My beans are from Pact, so have been freshly roasted within the last 7 days and I have had possession of them for under a week. So with all the above info, can anyone suggest what I need to get my extraction time to the more desirable 20-30seconds? Equally please tell me if I am trying to achieve the impossible and I should just continue as I am!! Thanks in advance.
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