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  1. Thanks l will be looking at my distribution. Thank for vid
  2. Thanks, will try man next 🤯it’s so frustrating as I think I’m doing things ok. I will keep plugging away.
  3. Is losing the half bar of pressure during the shot standard?
  4. Yer mine came 3 weeks early 😃
  5. Hi @DavecUK Im using water out of a osmio zero. The first shot can through after 3 seconds and the second came through after 2 seconds. After two hours I repeated it and it came through almost straight away. I’ve also noticed during to shot the pressure is dropping by half a bar. Also the steam wand loses pressure when steaming. Been told about a valve inside that might sort this so will try it. Didn’t know if you might have thought these were connected.
  6. Just if it’s not coming up to pressure as quick on the first shot, just putting it out there I’m not familiar with how the machines work I’m trying to learn
  7. Maybe, I put it on 40 mins before I use it, the group head and the basket are always really hot but I thought the same this morning and it was the first that was long, the next 2 were shorter. Gonna write them down to keep track. Was thinking of back flushing first to get the pressure working do you think that could help?
  8. Yes you can tell a big difference in the cup yesterday’s was really sour. I’m using red brick (square mile) at the minute, cannot say I’ve noticed if it’s happened with specific bean so I would say not.
  9. @Rob1thanks I will try tweaking my prep to get better consistency
  10. That’s what I was thinking but trying to be as consistent as I know how to be, will try different techniques. How do you prep?
  11. I’m having problems with consistent timings with shots e.g. this morning 1st shot 18g in 36g ish in 35 seconds 2rd same ratio but 30 seconds 3rd same ratio in 35 seconds this seems to be happening a lot. I grind with the niche zero then distribute it with my palm slightly then tap to knock it down then use a ocd distributor tool then tamp trying to do all these as consistently as possible. Anybody got an idea of what might be happening. Cheers
  12. @Cuprajake thanks mate. out of stock at the minute 🙄 will keep trying. 👍
  13. Thanks but I’m having trouble finding it, could you point me the right direction please
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