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  1. Thank you, Dave. Quick question on that while I have you. Would you recommend elizabeth over profitec pro 300?
  2. Thank you for the response and suggestions. No hard restrictions on the counter space per se. I think it is more than sufficient for a standard home espresso machine + grinder set up. Yes, the research definitely continues and it seems like an endless abyss. it is unbelievable how much time I am spending on reading and learning these things. Its almost brought about a childlike enthusiasm in me. However, I am afraid that the deeper i go the deeper i will end up digging into my pockets and might end up buying a fancy D1 or olympia cremina type set up right off the bet. Coming back, in addition to Bezzera, other dual boiler considerations in the budget include profitec pro 300, ACS Minima or a Xenia Model H (that i am getting some discount on - so comes in the range). Not sure if you have a comparative view or recommendation on these. It'd be great to have any inputs on these. Thanks again.
  3. Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I have been lurking around reading and soaking up what I can in terms of all the wisdom and the love for coffee that brings us all together. Coming to the question now Based on my budget and current status, I have arrived at two potential coffee making set ups for me and i'd really appreciate some guidance and wisdom from folks here: Set up 1: Bezzera (Bz13 or even a dual boiler) or something similar + a good entry level grinder (Niche or Eureka Specialita). (approx. 1900 GBP, 2500 USD) Set up 2: Cafelat robot or Flair 58 + WPM milk steamer (https://www.wpm.hk/en/products_detail.php?id=343) + Niche or Specialita). (half the budget of above) Context: 1) 4 milk based drinks a day. A few more over the weekend if friends come over. 2) relatively new to this wonderful world of coffee - not so refined palate but I do like my coffee to be good and can recognize when it is good or bad 3) like to keep things low maintenance and simple. 4) Currently using wacaco nanopresso + krups + aeroccino as a temporary fix for my work from home situation. Questions: 1) Shot quality: How would you compare the texture or quality of coffee from robot to something like BZ13 or professional espresso? Mostly is it creamy/syrupy enough? I don't like watery shots. 2) multiple drinks: How significant is the workflow difference between two set ups especially when making 2 milk based drinks daily and 4-5 coffees back to back over weekends? 3) maintenance : I am not much of a DIY type guy when it comes to fixing things and prefer to keep things simple and low maintenance. So, I don't want to worry much about water quality, scaling etc. but if it is a compromise on espresso quality then i am happy to go the long mile 4) Between flair 58 and Robot, any strong reasons to pick one over the other? Finally, I am open to any other guidance or alternative set ups on machines/grinder or anything as long as it is under 2500 USD. Thank you so much in advance.
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