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  1. Update to the above. I did some research and general view seems to be grind coarser and lower the water temp, so I went up 4 notches on the Feldgrind and down to 85C but not much change. I called CC to see if they had any tips on how to get the best brew from their house style and the guy just refunded my payment. I explained I wasn't asking for that, just looking for some guidance but understandably he had too much going on to talk. So on the one hand great customer service, but on the other I'm none the wiser.
  2. Hi, looking for some guidance from anyone who brews filter with Coffee Compass beans. I have a couple of approaches to V60 and Kalita which have worked well for everything from lighter roasts (Origin, Curve, Climpson) to medium roasts (Monmouth), usually getting plenty of fruity acidity and sweetness out with the odd tweak. I ordered two bags from CC - an El Salvador red bourbon, and a Kenyan AA - and was looking forward to the typical blackcurrant described for the Kenyan. However both seem to have an overwhelming generic dark roast flavour masking any of the tasting notes on the website. Is
  3. Hi, yes it is available, but it isn't where I am located for the lockdown. If you can wait, it won't be going anywhere! Thanks for your interest, Ed
  4. The problem I have in London is a high chlorine level in addition to hardness. Whereas I can make decent drip coffee (preference Kenyan and similar) in Margate which is hard but low chlorine, in London untreated water is a non-starter. Every brew has a harsh lime acidity that overwhelms other flavours. When I start tasting that I know it’s time to replace my charcoal stick.
  5. I have one of these surplus to requirements. It was a snap purchase as I've always hankered after one, but already have three pourover kettles which meet my needs perfectly well. It's been used twice and comes in original packaging. £60 (no offers) plus shipping at cost or meet up in London. I looked into importing one a while back (Amazon or one of the Japanese stores) but was put off by the customs charges, so this is a rare chance to get one quickly and relatively cheaply.
  6. Hi, yes, sorry for the delay in replying, the scales sold last month on this forum in response to a Wanted ad
  7. I'll be interested to hear others' views on using a French press to give a more concentrated brew. As an alternative, I suggest getting a moka pot like a Bialetti - they don't cost much and take up little room. This will typically give you something pretty strong and a little bitter (if you use a pre-ground Lavazza or similar) which cuts through milk well. It's how I was introduced to coffee through an Italian schoolfriend and I still go back to making it that way from time to time.
  8. I'm with Step21. I started with a Rhino and quickly found it lacking. After a few months with a Pharos I got a Hausgrind and then a couple of Feldgrinds (I make coffee in three different places), and have no need to upgrade. I'm tempted by the Kinu and Comandante but that's just the lure of shiny new toys, I know they won't make my coffee any better. Feldgrinds come up on here regularly for around the £100 mark and are an absolute bargain at the price.
  9. I'm sure there's quite a difference between charcoal & the resin in a brita cartridge. Fair point - I didn't know there was another ingredient as well as the charcoal. It sounds as though the charcoal is what gets rid of the chlorine (which is what I have struggled with using London tap water for pour over), and that would explain why the activated charcoal sticks work just as well for my purposes. I'm less bothered about limescale as I use an open kettle that I can descale from time to time if needed. From the Brita website: The filter material of the MAXTRA+ filter cartrid
  10. I got rid of the Brita and use Black & Blum charcoal sticks in a regular glass jug. Just as good even with ultra-chlorinated London water, although you need to let it sit for a few hours. Plus the sticks last 6 months each (1 litre per day) so a lot cheaper, you just rejuvenate them by boiling after 3 months. I was fed up chucking out the plastic cartridges every month, and all they contain is charcoal anyway. With the sticks, when they're spent you just dispose of them in a flower bed to decompose and no waste.
  11. I've had a closer look - there is a separate hole for a thermometer (you can see it in the main Amazon image), so the handle coming off isn't a design feature. And it isn't magnetic, just felt that way when it clicked back in. So far it's stayed put, but I will be careful how I take the lid off in future and it could be a point of failure in future. Still thinks it's a good kettle for the money though.
  12. You're probably right - it wasn't an advertised feature but makes sense. And quite neat then to make the handle magnetic. I have been using it daily for a couple of months without it shifting so they got that bit of the design right. It goes to show that if you pay a little more you often do get a better product.
  13. @garethuk : the Tamume I have is this one. Today the handle on the lid came off but it seems to just attach by a magnet so just stuck back on again - I'll report back if it turns out to be a problem. It's one for precise slow pours, don't think you could achieve a lot of agitation if you wanted to pour more aggressively for some reason, and best for one person drip in a 155 or V60-01 than something larger.
  14. I highly recommend the Kalita Wave but that's £60. They do another model called the Pelican Pot - £35 on Hasbean which can go on the stovetop and would be worth a try. I wouldn't go the Amazon Made in China route - you can end up with some really trashy stuff. I have a Tamume which is great at £25 but I don't think that's made to go over a heat source, more one to decant boiling water into for the pour.
  15. I have two FG2s and they’re 0.6 apart, I have one at 2.4 and one at 2.10 and that works well for this method. I don’t pull it at 30s after the last pour but let it drip through which is usually around 45s. As for brew ratio I always use 15:1 with this method and it doesn’t taste too strong to me.
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