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  1. Hey MRS, Really appreciate your feedback! I did not try swapping back the old shower screen (just being lazy 😁). A better shower screen should provide better water flow into the puck but I did not expect such a huge change in the time of the shot (from 15 to 25 seconds)! I was just wanting to get feedback if others had experienced the same. I guess that saves me the need to grind even finer which I would assume would give better extraction. 😁
  2. Hi, I have been trying to dial in my expresso shots. Before swapping the shower screen of my Gaggia Classic Pro, I was getting a ratio of 1:2 with my 18g basket in about 15 seconds. However, after swapping the shower screen to an IMS precision Nanotech shower screen, I was getting the same ratio in 25 seconds. This is with consideration that the same beans, grind size, tamp and workflow did not change. Is it normal for the shower screen to have such a large influence on the expresso brew? Thanks in advance. DH
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