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  1. My Mum & Dad have recently got a couple of Echo devices: I'd second the rec for IFTTT app.
  2. Thanks for the recommendation: I've just ordered some to try.
  3. I just upgraded from a well loved Gaggia Classic to a Vibiemme Domobar Junior DB. The manual has the basics in, but can anyone point me in the direction of a bit more info on how to make the most of the new machine? Thanks, Debbie
  4. I got a shiny red Specialita a couple of days ago. After using an Iberital MC2 for 8 years, I can't believe how quiet this one is.
  5. The problem was that the pressure switch on the front sometimes didn't work, then stopped working altogether. It could be something as simple as a loose connection: I didn't investigate, preferring to use it a as an excuse to get a new one. It is not a quiet grinder, but has done the job admirably for 8 years, since new. If anyone wants it (free!) for spares or repairs then let me know (Dudley area).
  6. Thanks for the reviews. Always nice to have another one to choose from.
  7. I've narrowed the machine selection (and pushed the budget) to go for a Fracino Cherub, or a Nuovo Oscar as the machine. Space is fine for both of those.
  8. Yes, quieter would be better, though a working grinder would be an improvement to my current setup. Before the Iberital broke altogether, it was taking a lot longer to grind the beans. I did have a problem with the Gaggia thermostat around a year ago, and replaced it (with thermal paste). It worked ok after that, but the temperature seems to get too high (albeit more slowly) when it is switched on for a while. Budget (already posted) is around £1000 for the two. (edited to add: space not so much of an issue. Musing as to why anyone wants to upgrade: for better coffee? Not sure, really!)
  9. I don't know too much about the Niche. I'd personally be a bit wary of spending too much on an unproven product without the backup of a well established company. I shall have a look, though lasting more than a few days without a decent grinder will be painful. As an aside, it might be worthwhile opening up the Iberital to see whether it's a loose connection, though it still needs replacing.
  10. The Gaggia is still working ok: it's the grinder which is dead. (I still fancy a different coffee machine, though!) I don't need to grind for anything other than espresso, so don't need one which can be easily adjusted for a coarser grind.
  11. I've been happy enough with my two, and must have bought the first around 20 years ago! I just fancy an upgrade. Twenty years is a long time for an upgrade in these forums
  12. I have my old name back, thanks to the lovely admins. Thank you! I'm currently looking at the Fraccino Piccino and the Cherub, but also the Nuova Simonelli Oscar II. The Cherub (new) would stretch my budget, and there is a nice looking second hand Piccino for sale on the forum here, so I'm tempted just to stop faffing and go for that. I'd need a new grinder then, and by spending less on the coffee machine, could afford to spend more on that. I'm tempted by the Mazzers, so am now going to have a search for reviews on those. Coffee Omega were advertising in the forum header what looks like just about affordable prices, but I am very confused between all the different variants. More research necessary, but any more comments very welcome before I part with my cash.
  13. Oh dear, my grinder has conked out completely today. I had to resort to the backup emergency burr grinder (still going strong after > 20 years). It does mean that the search is a bit more urgent though. I don't really see the point of spending a similar amount to a Gaggia/Iberital pairing on something similar and am happy to spend extra to get something better. I get so much pleasure from my daily coffee ritual, and anything which improves it has to be worth the investment.
  14. I have the whole day free to do some research. Thanks for the advice so far (am I up to 10 posts yet???)
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