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  1. The "shot" mirror was reclaimed from a bathroom I ripped out. There were two more, but I only kept one. It's not as big as it looks, wide-angle and all that. The max is doing fine. Now I'm dosing 9 or 18-18.5g and typically grinding in 20 to 40s. Nice espresso, no channelling, nice pucks and a practically clean shower screen
  2. @Stu101I began without enough research, naively buying a new Gaggia Classic Pro and thinking that would be my entry to to real (non pressurised basket) espresso. A lot of learning under the bridge, and doubtless more to come, but I think that 9-bar OPV is a good, maybe essential, mod - a sinple tweak on older models or replacement spring on newer models. A slimmer drip tray and a bottomless portafilter have been invaluable, as has a fiver's worth of 0.1g or 0.01g mini digital scale. But grinder? I hummed and ahhed about the JX / JX-Pro / J-max and ended up waiting for a J-max, new from Sigma at a decent price, and glad I did. Yes, you need a firm grip on the broad body, being careful not to knock off the catch cup. No problem. It took me a while to dial in my first bean and first real espressos, but that's because I kept heading off in all the wrong directions especially on dose. Now, towards the end of my first 500g of chosen medium roast bean, I can reliably make doubles and even singles, but already I'm tweaking the grind in one or two step increments. On that basis alone I'm think the J-max's finer steps were worth having (unless the burrs taper together differently). Very convenient to adjust and use. For me it grinds 9g in 15-20s, 16g in 25-35s depending on how briskly I get it going. If it feeds too fast and the handle gets stiff to turn, leaning the grinder over about 30° from vertical slows the feed rate, makes it easier to grind smoothly and quickly, finishing virtually as fast and with the same consistent grind. As per all 1zpresso grinders, the 1/4" hex drive shaft fits any battery screwdriver/drill, but for simplicity I'm just using the handle and enjoying putting in the effort
  3. Yes it does! Had only one nasty sqirty dump when I decided to try to dial from the course end... otherwise no spurts and looking decent, but still pouring a bit quick. Wrestling with the odd random channel or two mid puck, which is happening less since I backed off the tamping, causing me to grind finer, but now I'm getting pucks stick to the showers screen. Medium roast bean, a challenge for a beginner?
  4. Most of this seems fit for purpose. The GCP is nine bar but otherwise stock. The slightly too big (for one) jug has gone in a drawer while I concentrate on the espresso. The tamper could be a better fit, only 58.0 mm, but my channelling isn't at the edges so can't blame that. The cloth lives there so when others knock the (left loose) portafilter off it has a soft landing. The J-max is grinding 13-14g in 25s or so and seems to be doing a good job, but I have much to learn... As you see, coffee had taken precedence over tiling the kitchen
  5. Blind basket from the bottomlesscoffeeshop.co.uk arrived today. Perfect fit over shower head and in portafilter. Should've gone with a survivor company to stay with. Mr Shades must be good too as they have the same legend as his 21g basket that comes with the bottomless PF, and he's a bit of a gaggia specialist. So, just avoid nameless sellers on ebay/amazon...
  6. Thanks for that, good to know. I hadn't realised they were now charging the VAT. That's good news on small items, as no risk of being hit with the £8-12 duty handling fee from the courier. I just read up on it, it seems the only case that might throw people is auctions, you bid net, but pay inclusive. I ordered the next blind from a UK specialist, prefer to when possible
  7. And finally, doh, why didn't I see that @MrShades has it covered?!?! https://www.shadesofcoffee.co.uk/blind-filter-basket-for-backflushing If the next one doesn't workout, I think know where to buy one that will!
  8. @Nightrider_1uk thanks, but I'd just pulled it and the drip tray out to get better access while mopping up...
  9. @DuskHurrah! Thank you. I'm not alone. I don't suppose you can find link from purchase history?
  10. @MediumRoastSteam and @ratty Here's my GCP 2019 scenario. Shower plate holder is cylindrical 58.4mm. Depth into basket taper depends on the gasket compression, let's call that depth D. At depth D the basket must be wider than 58.4, and all mine are, except the ebay blind... My ebay blind is only 58.26mm at the bottom of the taper, and I suspect the taper isn't deep enough to accommodate the required D either. It certainly never reached the gasket, sticking instead on the bottom of the shower plate, hence water all over, and blind difficult to remove. It also comes in at around 72mm externally, but surprisingly that wasn't an issue - there's obviously more clearance for external flange on these machines, even though the OEM baskets are only about 68mm external. Last night I put duct tape over the exit hole in my redundant ORM pressurised (crema perfetta finta?) basket. Small area, not a lot of force. Of course it fitted perfectly. I managed to backflush about 3 times, before the pressure bubbled and split the tape. Tape etc on the inside should hold perfectly, but need to keep it clear of the sides. A possible workaround for sure. I ordered one more blind this time from bottomlesscoffee and claimed to work with almost anything except Pavoni, so let's see if that is wide and deep enough internally to accommodate the GCP 2019. An 8.5mm gasket would mean I could knock 0.5mm of my need for depth, but I'd then be extracting with handle at 7 o'clock unless I put the 8mm back on, and I'd probably want to up my doses too...
  11. Nailed then. No more than 70.0 externally, no less than 58.5 internally. They have to be out there, but how to source? I've read that gaggia did widen the block versus previous models, and that commercial may be more like 58.3. So when is "58' not 58? When it's coffee and its really more like 58.5... Seems no one told the factory that churned out my blind. I haven't dared to order anything direct from the Far East on eBay recently, as I expect to be hit with import duty and the courier's handling fee, so at least another £8-12? Not sure if some packages get through, but the ending of the small value exemption might have created a brief opportunity for couriers to profit massively? Maybe just buying from one of the UK coffee specialists will ensure it fits real machines, if I can get it past the financial controller
  12. @MediumRoastSteamThe plot thickens. That micrometer has proven accurate over the years. My new Gaggia Classic Pro 2019 (RI9480/18) has a shower holder assembly that is essentially 58.4mm across, give or take 20 microns. The shower screen is smaller than the block, maybe even 54.7 mm as mentioned in your link, but what surely matters is that the shower block assembly must fit inside the top of the basket. Now I think I get why 58.4mm tampers are so often mentioned. They will fit any basket that fits the machine head. Surely shower head and tamper are both supposed to be a good fit in the basket? As for the gasket, I'd go as far as to say the red, as supplied when new, is perfect for the group as originally installed in my machine, especially with the OEM dual spout portafilter. It provides a good seal with the handle shy of 6 o'clock, and did so even when I choked the machine with original OPV. I don't even go to six o'clock. The aftermarket bottomless PF rotates a little further, but seals perfectly at 6 o'clock, especially to at most 9-bar now. I know you're trying to help, and I appreciate it, but while a thicker gasket might be right for other Classics, it seems it's not needed for mine. Did you have a different model? Maybe over the years the group heads Gaggia used have changed, and with it gasket dimensions? Or maybe some folk are using slightly different portafilters needing a thicker gasket? I don't know, but clearly we can't generalise about "Classics". So, I really don't know why the anonymous ebay blind basket is so much smaller, but for sure it is totally incompatible with my GCP 2019, and I've seen similar comments in Amazon reviews for other "standard" 58mm blind baskets. Ideally I'd just like a blind back-flush basket that actually fits over the 58.4mm head, as do the three OEM baskets Gaggia supplied, and as does the triple basket Mr Shades supplied with a bottomless portafilter. I'm wary of buying a collection that don't fit. Failing that, it's rubber disc time, but I can imagine that might not always seal - several reviews suggest it's not plain sailing for everyone, so again, how to locate one that works?
  13. Still waiting for the "don't back-flush that, it'll go back in the boiler mate". No. It won't.
  14. I thought that might be worth a try, but no. My blind basket is so under-size it doesn't fit over the shower head block far enough to seal on the silicone ring above. Even with the lightest PF twist, a few degrees, it got stuck (again). No backflush in evidence, zippo down the vent pipe, because no seal. Pumping did eventually pop it off, but only after filling it with water and piddling over the edge for a good while. Doh. First little worktop flood... Which is of course what a feared, based ona few reviews, might happen with the silicone discs. So, 58.38mm shower head into a blind basket that tapers rapidly to 58.26 mm, will not go... So, still wondering if there is a known source of blinds that will fit (surely I can't be the only one) or if a silicone disc is the only answer?
  15. Blind basket recommendation for GCP anyone? Needs to clear 58.4mm and not get stock on the block. Or should I use a silicone disc in a regular basket?
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