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  1. How do I make sure that all my grinds end up in the collector at the bottom? Recently, I remove it to find that by tapping the Svart, 10g or so extra has been caught inside the machine and not released - how do I stop this from happening? This is a brand new machine.
  2. I'm after two cups and I don't fancy waiting for 30 minutes!
  3. They completely ignored my email. Not using them in the future!
  4. ...that's not a french press. When I say cup, I mean 275-300ml. Thanks in advance!
  5. I have done and am waiting for a reply. Is this the done thing? Are they normally cool with you 'popping over'?
  6. New to this coffee game. There is a roastery around a five minute drive away from my house. If I place an order with them, is it okay to pick it up directly from them? Is this frowned upon?
  7. Asking for a friend. He has a Moccamaster KBG Select. He has just gotten it and is over the moon but his only negative is that it doesn't have a timer to auto start in the morning when he rolls out of bed. Is a smart plug safe to use with this machine? Will it even work?
  8. Can't decide if it's worth getting a new kettle for pour over... I use a Clever Dripper occasionally but nine times out of ten, I use my Sage Precision Brewer for my morning cup. Is a gooseneck or something fancy required for a Clever Dripper?
  9. Good afternoon, Long time lurker, first time poster. Got into coffee just over a year ago and having been using mainly a French Press and then after that, a Clever Dripper. I decided I wanted to go the filter route has I prefer minimum fuss in the mornings and struggle to operate before 7am at the best of times! I have a Sage Precision Brewer and am after a grinder that will do a decent job for filter. 9/10 days I use the Sage machine; the Clever Dripper is occasionally used at the weekends. What grinder is best for filter coffee under £200? Wilfa Svart and Baratza Encore are the usual suspects from what I can see online but is there anything else I should look at? Please note, I have no intention of going down the Espresso route!
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