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  1. I have pre-order Mahlkönig E65S GBW, but they keep delaying the delivery time. So i decided to try to get something els.
  2. yes i want to dose from a hopper, I don't care about single dosing. my budget 3,000$ -I live in united state but i might go back to Dubai 4 years or so, Mazzer will be easy to service than Ceado. now i wanna chose between 1- Mazzer Major V Electronic 2- Ceado E37T From my research: -the Ceado E37T have titanium coated burrs,Burr Size 83 mm, near silent grinder, micro adjusted , hardly any waste of grinds whatsoever, have option of Short Hopper cost $2,950.00. - Mazzer Major V Electronic Burr Size 83 mm, loud for home use(its not a big deal for me) , SSP Titanium 83mm Red Speed upgradeable, looks better, cost $2,195.00.
  3. I have espresso bar table, so the size of the Grinder is not problem. do you have the new Mazzer Major V Electronic? they did alot of interesting upgrade .
  4. most of my research, i saw people are upgrading after a short time, i would like to get something good, now im leaning toward Ceado E37T or Mazzer Major V Electronic .
  5. Mazzer Major V Electronic vs Ceado E37T vs Mazzer Kony S Electronic - Buying Advice I have pre-order Mahlkönig E65S GBW, but they keep dealying the delivery time, today I saw Mazzer Major V Electronic which they fix most of the issue with Mazzer Grinder. I have three choices: 1- Mazzer Major V Electronic 2- Ceado E37T 3- Mazzer Kony S Electronic I wanna use it for home use, I drink dark roasted and esspresso roasted most of the time but once in while i will try meduim roasted. also is the retention btween the three Grinder is big deal? I have Izzo Alex Duetto IV Plus. Thanks alot
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