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  1. I use a double spout portafilter and am finding that the crema always is greater from the on the left spout. Otherwise the pour is equal in volume on both sides. Is this a common thing, what causes it and can it be corrected? Ian
  2. I have not had much success using a VST single basket so now when I'm on my own I brew and double spout pour two cups using a vst 21gm basket. Depending on how many cups I've had that day I might throw the extra brew away. My question is whether there is any detriment to re-heating the extra brew some hours later?
  3. I'm amazed that I seem to be the only one who cannot hold a steaming mug up to optimum temperature. That said my wife can easily carry a boiled egg straight from the pan to my eggcup whilst I cannot. Ian
  4. Perhaps a look at my single origin Arabica bean purchases would be useful: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Colombian Bucaramanga Rwandan Sumatra Mandheling Costa Rica Tarrazu Valley Ian
  5. I'm confused about the strength of my coffee after a brew is split into two cups. Double-spout portafilter 21gm generic basket filled with 21gm Mazzer ground coffee. Grind adjusted for 1:2 extraction 25second pull for 42gm So taking 7gm as the traditional espresso single, my basket, at 21gm, makes a triple. That said, does the double-spout to two cups mean that each person drinks an 11.5gm strength cup of 21gm weight? I ask this because I see so many discussing 15, 18gm basket brews that if the above is correct it means a double-spout gives two cups of just 7.5
  6. Would someone please explain why some baskets are ridged. Also are VST baskets really much better than generic, i.e. cheaper brands. Ian
  7. Thanks for the info however this appears to be for a different Gicar model. I did read somewhere that there is a version for the duetto. Ian
  8. I have an Izzo Alex Duetto III machine that has a Gicar PID controller. This of course is measuring the brew boiler temperature but I would like to measure the E61 temperature. I tried the paper cup and glass thermometer trick but its too fiddly. Can anyone recommend a good group thermometer that I can insert in the group head front screwed socket? Another request is whether anyone has a link to an English language PDF of the Gicar PID manual? I can only find an Italian PDF. Ian
  9. Mildred, Certainly a different technique to mine. I'll give it a try and report. thanks, Ian
  10. I always try to avoid overheating the milk when making cappaccino. I would like to know the temperature point at which I should switch from submerged steam heating, to semi submerged to produce froth? Just now I am either ending with too thin foam or, if I leave lifting the steam wand until nearly at the 'red line' temperature limit, it overshoots the temperature and then the milk does not taste so good.
  11. Yesterday was two years to the day since I ground my first coffee. I took this memento photo: There are just two of us in our house so not counting the brews for friends I think we have made good use of our £500 spent on the Mazzer. I see that the latest version is £599 phew! So £2000 on the machine + £500 = £2500 + coffee Mazzer counts a double as 2 which the two of us split so: 4000 x 9gm (single) = 36000 = 36kg x £24 (average price of 1kg) = £864 Total £3364/4000 = £0.84/cup So another two years from now assuming coffee price is stable (?) it wil
  12. I'll pass on the wiggle technique as after trying it I'm presently nurturing a scalded finger Ian
  13. I have an Izzo Alex Duetto III and after each brew I blind filter backflush to get out the crud. However I sometimes have to do this up to five times before the water runs clear. If after a brew I did not water backflush say one day the next day's brew will have crud deposits in circulation. Is this a flaw in E61 design? How and why are grounds sucked into the grouphead? I do chemical backflush every two weeks. Ian
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