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  1. SimonC

    Gene Cafe CBR 1200

    Hi, Im looking for a nice well looked after Gene Cafe CBR 1200 amongst a couple of other options. I can't find a new one, so used it is. Thanks
  2. That should be good for me. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Thank you so much for that. Yeah, Ill get in touch with BB and maybe sort a visit out to have a look. They appear to be awaiting stock right now, this gives me some time to rub two pennies together. I think BB is probably a couple of hours away from me so that's no bother really. I wonder if there is anybody near me with one? Im on the Cheshire/Staffs border but can travel. I would appreciate it.. thanks
  4. Im not planning to do any of that tbh..I reckon that I need a roaster that will have the stability and ease of use to help support me while I gain the experience and get the practice that I need to be able to offer a high quality product. Do you have a recommendation?
  5. you could say I have. Ive roasted on the stove top previously. Only a few times though. I would say the result was pretty good actually. I read some stuff and watched youtube stuff. Im an engineer so hopefully I can pick it up. Its a big step whatever you do I reckon. Its always really easy to start spending a fortune on coffee gear....I know!!haha. I don't mind investing though, but I do want to buy wisely. I want to do it right basically.
  6. Thanks for that. Yeah, I had a look at this Roaster on their site. I read a detailed review of the machine and it looks good. My concern with this roaster was that it could possibly be more difficult for me to achieve consistent results because of my relative lack of experience etc. As much as I like to be hands on, the important thing would be a consistent result. I will have another look though. In your opinion is it possible for a beginner to employ this roaster with some thought and practice and achieve a saleable result?
  7. I am looking at setting up a small business roasting coffee from home and need a machine to get me started for maybe the first year or so. I started looking into this a couple of years ago. At that time the CBR-1200 seemed to fit the bill and was retailed through BB here in the UK. Looking at things now, I can't find one for sale anywhere. Can someone please tell me what happened? If it is impossible to find one, can someone recommend an alternative please? I think 1 kilo capacity will be fine, and I need it to be consistent, reliable and pretty straight forward to use. These reasons are why I was looking at the CBR-1200 in the first place. Any advice would be appreciated gratefully. thanks.
  8. Thanks for the help and advice guys. I've ordered an L1 in combo with a Compak E10. Yippee!! Should be with me tomorrow I hope. It's going to be a fun and educational Easter for me. Any tips would be appreciated. Also, if anybody around leicester ls thinking about the purchase of either of these awesome bits of kit and needs to view, give me a couple of weeks to get sorted, and drop me a line.
  9. Thanks "Dude" It's only 80 miles from Me!! I'll give it until nearer the weekend, and if there's nothing close to me, I would be very grateful to you.. Thanks for the very kind offer.
  10. Fluffies in Nottingham? Is that a coffee shop? I can't find it with Google.
  11. Hi, I'm looking to buy an L1. What would swing it for me would be to see one in the flesh. It's ok to look at photos of perfectly lit shiny steel etc, but I'm a hands on sort of bloke. So, is there an owner of an L1 in the Leicestershire area who could spare me a few minutes sometime to take a look at their pride and joy? I can promise not to steal anything if that helps!! I've got a Silvia at the min, and i think I've moved on a bit. It was a trip to Naples that did it. They all seem to run lever machines around there. Best coffee I've ever tasted.
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