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  1. Thank you, ting_tang. I saw that post and several others. It’s somewhat concerning. Pre-infusion would be nice. I’m also not able to determine if the pid is displaying actual water temperature in the boiler or not. There are definitely a lot of older posts that say it doesn’t, but perhaps that’s been resolved, as there are online shops that say it does. If anyone who has a recent Victoria could verify if the real-time temperature is displayed, that would be very helpful.
  2. I thought it best to post here instead of beginning a new thread. I had ordered an Elizabeth, but for reasons unknown I’ve been informed it can’t be shipped to where I live. I’m now considering ordering a Victoria, as it’s on sale and can be shipped to me. I would much welcome any advice or opinions about the Victoria. I do not make milk drinks, period. I make about 3 shots a day. But I do prefer the 58mm portafilter. I have a reasonably good grinder, an Anfim Caimano. It’s not great, but I believe it will serve me until I upgrade. What I am thinking is to buy the Victoria now and perhaps if I get comfortable with home barista work, I’ll upgrade to a Bianca in a few years. So, Is there anything necessary I’m giving up going with the Victoria instead of the Elizabeth? Thank you all for any advice.
  3. Hello everyone. I found the forum years ago while searching the web for grinder info. I’ve been an automatic user for the past few years, but now and ready to get back into semi-auto life. Just need to figure out what I’m going to buy. DavecUK reviews and posts have been nice viewing and reading, as well as the well informed opinions of MediumRoastSteam. I look forward to learning more and hopefully also getting to the point I can help others as much as the other members have.
  4. I’ve been coming to this site for years. Great advice and even better community. Look forward to enjoying the forums even more as member. Thanks to everyone here that has given so much time to help one another in our never ending coffee journey.
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