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  1. @grimption check my write up at HB and self diagnose your error code.
  2. I went through the same and would suggest everyone not to go through with the automatic guided descale process. Here's my write up over at HB.
  3. Thank you guys, looks like I’m sold on the E37S. @axpetts I see what you mean now. It’s this mushroom bolt, CEA40319 - M8 bean distributer/burr safety nut. My would be E37S comes with this hopper support that has locking tabs. Can you confirm that I would need to swap out for the following: CEA90354 - Bellows and dose funnelCEA40316 - Bellows support It seems like those who really want that swing out quick set for brew can technically swap out these parts.
  4. Do you mean you have the fixed flapper or did you remove the flapper? I was suggesting that on the E37SD, the flapper is removed from factory (shown in the diagram).
  5. I am exactly looking for the same versatility like your setup here, since I found a good deal on a latest E37S with quick set and touch screen. I do need to make multiple shots on some weekends, normally during the week it's just 2 shots in the morning. I've gathered the parts breakdown and main differences between the recent iterations of E37S and E37SD according to this list: 2015 E37S (Adjustable anti-static flap. That's the version with the hole on the side for adjusting the flap) 2017 E37S (Fixed anti-static flap. Removed the adjustment hole introduced in the previous version) 2018 E37S (Touch Screen) 2019 E37S (Quick set gear w/o swing out mechanism, part #5) E37SD (Quick set gear w/ swing out mechanism, part #6, bellows and dose funnel, bellows support, chute cover, M8 bean distributer/burr safety nut, lower RPM more torque?, titanium burrs) E37T (larger motor, thermal fan control chamber, titanium coating as SD, different burr geometry (different from SD?), redirecting spout there might be just enough room when using certain portafilter funnel or dosing cup on the S and SD) Can you kindly elaborate where is the CEA40319 - M8 bean distributer/burr safety nut ? Also were you able to find out if the lack of the flapper from 2017-2019 E37S (#23 in 2019 parts breakdown) does anything to clumping?
  6. If anyone is searching for the in tank water filter, google either of the following: Aquis Water Filter Quartz (Part Number: Q06163022) or Aquis Tank Water Filter all made by Claris® / Claroswiss®
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