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  1. Thanks for the insights! Looks delicious. Just to make sure Denis, you are not only using the BPlus for Tamping but also having it on the puck during extraction right?
  2. Hi Tom, Thanks for your Feedback. I'll Properly order the 53.7 Version to Check if this will work better. Regarding the Tamper - are you working with a 55mm base of would you advise to Use a smaller base as well? bravo Tamper for instance is also available in 55mm.
  3. Hi there, first of All - Thanks to All of you who are sharing insights about the new Machine here with us. I am Currently using the force Tamper and bplus shower screen)) 58.5mm) on a decent espresso Machine. Is someone else here using a leveling Tamper and the blus with the Leva? can you Let me know which baskets you are using and which size the bplus + Tamper Has? Thanks in advance - really looking forward to receive the Machine in August!
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