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  1. First buy from Rounton just arrived.
  2. I've been drinking this from Crankhouse, for the last couple of weeks, 4 weeks past roast date now and tasting much better. Was getting dark chocolate orange quite strongly at first, which I wasn't too keen on, but more cherry/ blackcurrant coming through now. Requires a bit of a shorter pull than usual I think too.
  3. How long do you recommend resting? I'm currently at 2 weeks. My next bag should be posted tomorrow 👀
  4. The Alemayehu sounds good. Keep us posted. I'll be opening my first subscription bag from Django next week. Moto Bandeira from Timor Leste- strawberry, lycée and toffee. How did you find the Foundry Rocko Mountain? I opened a bag this week but there was a problem during the roasting and it's impossible to grind. Also the Bueno Vista Guatemala - winter Berries and mulled wine has the same issue, so we didn't get any flavour from them. But can't fault their service and they're sending out some new bags tomorrow.
  5. Cheers guys, signing up now!
  6. Was considering these, they're one of the few popular roasters I haven't bought from yet.
  7. Give me your best subscription recommendations please. Somewhere that sends out funky, fruity, natural, boozy, aerobic, anaerobic kinds of beans.
  8. Just realised I had these beans from another roaster but I didn't find them fruity, more a rich, chocolaty, spicy flavour. Enjoyed them though, had 2 bags.
  9. I believe so. I was leaving for 2 weeks, like Shaun**** says, and finding the last shot to be the best at around 3 weeks, so trying to leave some current beans for longer. I only started to like the Funka after a month. But I've not enjoyed any blend I've tried tbh.
  10. This looks good. How long do you like to leave to rest from roast date? I've been finding 3 weeks is great for funky and boozy flavours. Longer could be even better but I'm too inpatient.
  11. I'm really struggling with the Gotiti, every shot seems to taste worse. My first shot was the best with some flavours as described but since then it's gone downhill fast with nail varnish, acid and tea coming through. 🙄😅 Mine is the washed one, is yours?
  12. That's interesting 15/20 minute Aeropress. I never usually go above 3 minutes. Are you grinding super coarse for that?
  13. I also bought the Calderon 😂 but wasn't all that impressed. Didn't really get the flavours coming through very strongly. Be interesting to see how you get on. The fiallos was crazy strong though, I ended up using aeropress for it as espresso was too much.
  14. I actually meant to recommend you the Finca Los Alpes carbonic maceration natural for funky and boozy instead of the Goititi 😂
  15. Fiallos from Smith Street is like a dark chocolate orange liquor, Banko Goititi from Crankhouse is tasting pretty funky and check out Jolly Bean Roastery tomorrow night, think they're due a new Diego Bermudez bean.
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