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  1. Thank you! I'm going to miss it when it leaves my kitchen!
  2. Hello coffeechap, I'm hoping I won't have to replace the right hand group, but I'm not ruling it out. Any ideas where I could source parts if I need them? Many thanks.
  3. I picked it up thru eBay, a coffee shop up in Inverness. It's eventually going to be going into a new startup business but will be gracing my kitchen for a couple of weeks yet!
  4. Thank you all, Sorry I've not been back on before now; busy weekend! First pictures after a bit of shining up (excuse the mess of the kitchen, bit of redecorating going on!)... The gaskets at the boiler endplates need replaced. I'm also a little concerned about the right hand lever mechanism as it seems to have taken a bit of a knock at some point, enough to have bent the lever and, as can be seen in the photo, the whole mechanism has rotated. I need to see if that can be resolved with out any major replacement. I checked it out, Mrboots
  5. Hello! I am hoping to undertake the restoration of a 2 group lever Faema President. Everything is in working order, but there are a few things I'm looking to replace. Does anyone here have any leads on a supplier of suitable spare parts? Are the parts interchangeable with any current lever machines? Any information will be gratefully received! Many thanks!
  6. Thanks Gary. I'll be focusing mainly on cafes, restaurants and hotels. With regards to grinders, I completely agree - as important if not more so than the espresso machine. I've always had success with Mazzer grinders. I'm also looking for a bulk grinder; the usual suspects seem to be Ditting, Mahlkonig and Bunn. Any experience or opinions on them?
  7. Okay, I'll hopefully be in touch soon!
  8. Hello Coffee Lounge! I'm looking for an espresso machine, mainly for testing purposes, for a roaster I'm starting up. Of course, money's too tight to mention (when isn't it), but would I be better with something small, like a Rancillio Silva, or spending some money on something with a bit more muscle? Thoughts and comments please! Many thanks!
  9. Hello, Is the Silvia still for sale? Many thanks.
  10. Hello Lynsey, Is the grinder still for sale? Many thanks.
  11. Moved to Edinburgh from Aberdeen 2 1/2 months ago. Really enjoying the selection of coffee shops here! Ronde, Wellington, Artisan and Brew Lab are great!
  12. Hello all, I'm looking for a 2nd hand 5kg-10kg shop roaster. I'm based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I've tried searching online but have had little success. Can anyone suggest somewhere to look or someone to contact? Thank you for your time. Eion
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