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  1. Wow! Thank you all for your remarks. It’s nice to get feedback. I’m starting to get a hang of things. anyone help with ratios? I’m thinking 1:2 for espresso. 15grams in, 30-35grams out. What type if time, 25-30 sec or a bit longer? I have the Rocket Fausto grinder
  2. With nothing in the basket it goes to 9 bar. What I have noticed is that when I make a coffee and pull down the lever it can go to 5 bar. If I bring it up a tad without reengaging the pump, it goes to 0. it is PID controlled but the pid on this machine controls temp, not pressure. with the Rocket Appartmento many people change the boiler pressure to change the temp. This is dual broiler. Yeah, it’s the one from the video you sent.
  3. Yeah, 1.25 for the service broiler. Rocket says it should read 1, but green is from 1 to 1.5. Right now it’s reading 1.3. Do you know of any way to change that? when I brew coffee the brew head pressure gauge, the other one, goes to 9 and when I bring the lever down, it goes to 5. I think it’s supposed to go back to 0.
  4. I’m having a problem. Just got my Rocket Cinquantotto. Anyone here there’s a problem with their chassis bending? this is the second one I’ve received with the chassis bent. They’re semi-new, from Seattle Coffee Gear, which inspects them and then sells them. They’re costumer returns. anyway, my dials are reading strange. When heated the boiler pressure gauge reads 1.25 and the pump pressure (not engaged/not brewing: in stop mode) measures 3-5. any ideas? can I change this?
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