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  1. Thanks all. I might try one of the advertisers. I’ve been trying Waitrose beans, and some brands in Waitrose, as they’re cheap. The Waitrose beans are pretty good, as is the Machu Pichu, very chocolatey. Union Revelation was good, Union Natural Spirit was tasteless. No idea on roast date in most cases though. It’s hard to say what I like due to inexperience, but chocolate and caramel are good, hazelnut is so so, honey (Masenga Hill) is good, fruity is good. I use a Moka pot with the hopper half full.
  2. Is there much variation in quality between roasters? I suppose what I’m asking is whether or not there is a lot of skill and judgement involved in roasting beans, and if so, are some roasters more skilled than others in producing beans with pleasing flavours. In a similar vein, do roasters have an in house style? By this I mean do they adjust the roast to suit their preferences, so some might be smoother than others, or more fruity. Obviously the beans themselves will differ depending on the origin.
  3. I have several morello cherry trees, planted 1 and 4 years ago, not a good year. Morello cherries make an incredible jam, easy to make. Or stewed down, then a tablespoon added to breakfast cereal. Amazing flavour. The only problem is that blackbirds love cherries. Oh and this year the tree was covered in aphids, vile. I have two quince trees, both sweet, no fruit this year, a few last year, a bit bland. The oldest tree is much bigger than expected, but an attractive tree. Probably the wrong root stock. My mum’s tree was covered in huge fruits, very bitter but flavoursome when cooked with sugar. Two recently planted apple cordons were fruitless this year, one is covered in scale insects. Both look pathetic. An opal plum cordon planted two years ago had a nice large bowl full of fruit, very tasty. It’s growing incredibly fast. The mediar is doing well, it always does, except it is leaning. I had to chop one medlar down when the lean got too much. I used the recommended size of stake, but it was too thin. Lovely trees, very decorative, loads of fruit. One year I bletted the fruit, picked one up, broke it open to eat, and saw a big fat maggot inside. I now only use them for jam, not eaten fresh.
  4. I thought he’d dropped an ‘n’, never occurred to me he meant Tiffany until you posted. Hi ho.
  5. I rather like the look of the 9barista, and I don’t drink milk anyway so the lack of a steamer isn’t an issue. And yes I may well follow your advice.
  6. Fair enough. But this is using the same beans, and the flavour has vanished for a week or two, and then returned. Same grinder, same weight of beans, same kettle, same volume of water, same moka pot. I. ust admit I am in general noticing flavours more today, so it’s not just coffee.
  7. Some loss of smell and taste is quite common with the common cold. Covid 19 and some colds are all coronaviruses hence closely related. Am I sure I didn’t have covid 19? Of course not.
  8. A month or two back I bought a fancy hand grinder and some posh coffee. The coffee had a lovely honey flavour. Even the Waitrose coffee had a nice chocolate and hazelnut flavour when prepared with the hand grinder. Then I caught a cold, and all coffees tasted bitter, and bland. After a while the tastes came back. A few weeks ago the tastes went again, and they all tasted of not much. Today the flavours have returned and the bitterness has go e. The odd thing is that I haven’t noticed any obvious change in the flavours of other foodstuffs. Is this usual? What is going on? Generally the taste of food comes from basic flavours on the tongue - salt, sweet, hot, sour, bitter and umami - and from the olfactory senses (smell). A cold means a blocked nose, so coffee becomes just bitter and maybe a bit sour or umami. At least this is my understanding. Odd that other foodstuffs didn’t change noticeably in taste.
  9. One for the rich oil sheikh, or Donald Trump. The coffee will be great, really great, the best coffee you’ll ever drink, I really mean it folks. 🙂
  10. Ground some beans in my handgrinder, then wondered why the grounds were all over the floor. I’ve forgotten to put water in the moka pot a few times.
  11. I’m fine with a double espresso in a cafe (never had proper stuff though) but that V60 was lethal.
  12. Would a Flair Signature make more sense as an entry level machine? Espresso seems rather strong and I couldn’t see myself drinking more than one a day. I once had a cup of V60 made by a colleague who roasted his own coffee beans, and I was in considerable mental distress for an hour or two afterwards due to the caffeine high.
  13. Even that means spending several hundred pounds, not a fortune I know, but still a decent wodge. If the stock market does okay over the next year or two, I’ll splurge out.
  14. I only use a moka pot, and recently bought a quality hand grinder which massively improves the taste of the coffee produced. I grind coarser than 1zpresso recommend, which removes bitterness. I also put freshly boiled water in the pot, and pull it off the heat as soon as it gurgles and splutters. The coffee is very good, in my opinion, and not bitter at all. I don’t make it strong, only 4g beans in a two cup moka pot. It is too bitter if I fill the hopper to the brim with ground coffee. Guess I will get an aeropress soon. I used to make Lebanese style coffee with a small pot on the stove, and fine ground Lebanese coffee. I’m new to ‘posh coffee’, so much to learn.
  15. I’ve been listening to a wide range of music thanks to Spotify. A recent find is It’s a Beautiful Day, their song White Bird is lovely. Lots of Jefferson Airplane, Mountain, 7 Day Bitch, Swans, Benjamin Britten and Dimitri Shostakovich. Also Joe Yamanaka and Melt Banana from Japan. I can’t help thinking that modern British rock music has lost the plot. Amy Winehouse was very talented, but so much is pap, in my opinion of course. I suspect the problem is that modern British youngsters are polite and respectful. Where’s the anger, the rage, the drug taking, the alcoholism, the obnoxiousness? 🙂
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