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  1. I think I had this problem right out of the box. I’m also using the supplied water softener filter. I’m going to have to test it out a few more days to see if problem comes back.
  2. I contacted my retailer. They asked me to descale the machine, specifically with a blind basket. I descaled the elizabeth. I’ve made 2 cups now with the pressure behaving correctly. I’ll keep an eye on it. (I’ve only got about ~280 on the odometer).
  3. I was able to recreate the reported problem with my Lelit Elizabeth (I got in March 2021). I had the machine on for about an hour preheating, I used the blind basket and it hit 10.5 bars. Normally I would press button 1&2 to let some water out before starting my routine, today I forgot to do that. I've seen this happen a couple times, but 90% of the time when I test the OPV it shows 9bars. Weird.
  4. This morning I tried to make a video. To my surprise, the first pull with the blind basket hit 10.5 bars! Then the second pull with the blind basket was back to 9 bars. This is exactly as described in the other thread: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/58976-lelit-elizabeth-opv-issue/ by user strafe. In my haste to attempt to film it, my routine was slightly different where normally I press button1&2 to let some water run for the preprogrammed 6 seconds. Today, I forgot to release some water - the machine was left preheating for over an hour. Kjk, to answer your question. I
  5. Dave, thank you for your theory and detailed explanation. I will continue to fiddle with the settings and keep an eye on it. The reason why I posted this thread was because I’m having some channelling issues, and my puck doesn’t always come out cleanly (sometimes parts of it is stuck in the basket, other times parts are stuck to the shower screen). I was wondering if that initial 10.5 bar of pressure might be the culprit. I am grinding with a Niche Zero to IMS Barista Pro Nanotech Basket and I also swapped to a IMS Shower Screen to see if it would help.
  6. I press Button1 (no preinfusion) with the blind basket and let it go for about 45 seconds. I’ve tried also with some water prefilled in the blind basket.
  7. Today I pulled 2 cups with no preinfusion (i left the steam boiler on), the pressure got up to 9.5 bars for a few seconds before dropping under 9 (this is lower than 10.5 bars with steam preinfusion). I still dont understand how it can go higher than 9 bars which is what the blind basket maxes out.
  8. Hello experts. I am 300 cups in with my new Lelit Elizabeth (which replaced my 2009 Gaggia Classic). I am currently working through some channeling issues so I wanted to test what my OPV is set too. When I use the blind basket and pull a shot, the manometer shows 9 bars perfect. I can repeatedly pull shots into the blind basket and the manometer will never go over 9 bars. But, when I pull shots with coffee in a regular basket, the manometer will spike up to 10.5 bars for a couple seconds before dropping back down to 9 bars. I don't understand how it can spike to 10.5 bars when the bl
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