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  1. Thanks. Seal is my first guess too. It looks like the only available seal for the 'ersatz' 2015 Classic is the OEM one, so no hope of finding a slightly thicker one. The rails all seemed in good nick. No visible wear, and the plastic is VERY hard. It's possible that the one I modded and replaced sits marginally lower, as I removed the old glue from it before regluing to stop it sitting too high. As this is working with a pressurized basket, should the OPV on the pump be opening? If that's sticky, the basket pressure could be too high, hence the leak?
  2. Grr. Reassembled, working, but with a bad leak between the portafilter and the gasket once pressure builds up in the pressurized basket. It's like the portafilter is fitting too easily: There's hardly any force required to get the portafilter lugs to hit the 6 o'clock endstops on the bit pictured above. I don't think it's my repair causing the issue.... I didn't replace the seal because it looked absolutely fine - (only 2 years old ,and I didn't have one to hand). However I did clean sticky crud off the rear of the seal, which could have been glue? I'll try replacing the seal b
  3. All apart now. Removing the two T10 torx screws allows you to wiggle the steam wand out upwards. Disconnect some of the wiring and you can then pull the boiler assembly out the top without disconnecting any of the water piping. Be aware that the hex bolts which hold the group head to the boiler are not just threaded into the aluminium - the also have flanged nuts below which hold the black plastic steam valve mount. I've refitted the plastic rail, having cut off and reprofiled the damaged end with a dremel, so hopefully the portafilter won't snag on it again. Glued with araldite epoxy, w
  4. I now always use water from a Brita jug, and have Domfilter in the tank. https://www.happydonkey.co.uk/product/gaggia-classic-water-filter/ The machine still needs regular descaling but it's much less of a problem.
  5. Cheers. I'll disconnect the switches which should buy a little extra space. There's a pair of T10 torx screws down by the steam wand, but I'm not sure if removing those is going to help...? Having recently put a PID into a 2009 GC, I was expecting this job to be easy.
  6. Long-time lurker, first time poster Does anyone have a teardown video or instructions for the dreaded 2015 Classic? I've been asked to fix one with a missing plastic shim, and am trying to remove the "filter locking ring" from the boiler, as per the video here for the Color. However, the Classic has all the gubbins for the steam wand, and a black plastic frame which seems to hold the boiler and group head together, and I'm a bit stuck. I'm reluctant to mess with the crimped hoses as I don't have tool/parts to recrimp them. Here's the innards at present. Any a
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