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  1. I brought the pressure down to 9 bar as soon as I got it. I believe the process is slightly different for the GCP from my machine - changing a spring instead of a partial twist on a screw - but the process still looks straightforward. One of the forum members @MrShades sells kits. I don’t know the Pro so can’t say for certain that it’ll work on your machine, but should be easy enough to confirm. Website: https://www.shadesofcoffee.co.uk/opv-kits
  2. I’ve been using a JX-Pro with my pre-2015 Gaggia Classic for the past couple of months and it’s worked very well for me. I get shot times where I want them and inconsistencies in shot time/output have been due to my puck prep, not the grinder. I find it easy to dial in and switch between grind settings (switching between beans and between espresso/pour-overs). I just need to keep a notebook next to the grinder to note down what settings I want to go back to. I usually do 2 espressos at any one sitting, but have been up to 4 when we had friends over. I wasn’t thrilled when they asked for a second coffee each 30mins later, but it was doable. Your screwdriver thought would help. I can’t speak for how it compares to the Hario - only to my experience with the JX-Pro.
  3. I was in a similar situation (old grinder called it quits while waiting for August Niche delivery) and ended up with a 1zpresso JX-Pro. My local coffee shop offered to grind small batches of the coffee I bought from them so that might be an option if you have a good relationship with someone local. I tried one small batch from them and quickly realised it would take too long/too many back and forths to get the right grind setting for my machine.
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