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  1. Great setup, was is difficult to install the pressure gauge? Is there a kit with instructions for that?
  2. Yes that's the purpose of the timer. It's a small dial so it's difficult to be accurate, but for some people it might be convenient. Regarding the fork, from the picture it looks exactly the same as the one I purchased separately for 10£
  3. Hi Chris, I recently go my first machine as well, less than a year ago, and I had the same budget in mind for the grinder. I originally chose the Sage Smart Grinder Pro, which has proven to be an ok grinder. I just replaced it with an Eureka mignon crono and I can definitely see the step up in terms of build and grind quality. If you want to get the Crono make sure it's the older version with the 'espresso' burrs, because the newest version now has the same burrs as the filter (I double-checked this on their official website). The differences between the old crono and the manuale ar
  4. I just got the same grinder, upgrading from the SGP and the difference it makes with my Gaggia classic is definitely noticeable
  5. Quick update: I decided to get the Eureka crono with the same 'espresso burrs' of the manuale. It arrived today and the first impression is really good. I am impressed by the build quality, it feels incredibly sturdy. The stepless regulation system is amazing and after a couple of attempts at dialling in, I got a better result than in 8 months with the Sage. The ground coffee was less clumpy as well. Only downside for now is the portafilter fork; the Gaggia portafilter does not fit in very well so I have to hold it to keep it in place while grinding.
  6. That's a good point, I know that the chrono does not have the fork for the portafilter, but I can buy it separately. In terms of burrs, I know it's exactly the same set (only on the discontinued model apparently, the newer version will have burrs that are not suited for espresso).
  7. Thanks Dave. The main reason I am not considering second-hand grinders is that I don't have the experience and the ability to understand the condition of the grinder as well maintain it properly. I would rather go with something cheaper that I know is in perfect condition and has a warranty I can rely on.
  8. Hi everyone, this is my first message on the forum. I started my espresso journey almost a year ago, when I got a Gaggia Classic pro. I never had an espresso machine before so I had to learn everything from scratch and this forum has been very helpful in doing so! I paired my Gaggia with a Sage Smart Grinder Pro, which I used until now without any issue. I recently started to roast my own coffee at home (very few attempts with a cheap electric roaster) and I noticed that my grinder was struggling with the home roast, until it got jammed. The engine now seems to be damaged, even after unjamming
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