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  1. you can do a soft preinfusion by opening up the steam valve all the way. I typically set my shot timer to 38 seconds and close the steam valve by 28 seconds left on the timer. Water comes out of the steam wand into my spare empty steaming pitcher, but you could use any container that is safe with hot water.
  2. Depends on what flavours you are looking for, some of the microlots are more sought after, but harder to track down. So what flavour profiles do you like?
  3. running at 5 for espresso with the unimodal burrs.
  4. I got mine a week ago with the unimodal burrs and cosmetically its perfect except my power and rpm switch are reversed (lefty friendly). First impressions that stand out, the grounds are really fluffy and overflow my portafilter basket. With WDT, and light tapping i can get everything in before I level and tamp. I am grinding 0.8 from chirp, and shots are running about 27 sec with a 1:2.5 ratio.
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