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  1. Hey Rob Last update, I promise 😅. I used up the last of the beans on Thursday, and it turned out pretty well (Compared to previous roasts). These are the steps I took: Batch size = 230g No Pre-heat 1. Set temp to 210c until yellowing (Took 7 Min) 2. Increased temp to 235c until FC (Took a further 6 Min) 3. Allowed 30 sec rolling crack at 235c 4. Brought temp down to 230c for 2 mins for development 5. Started cooling within chamber for 1.5 min 6. Finished cooling outside I went for a medium roast this time and it seems fairly even, and i'm not getting that grassy smell or taste anymore. I even made a coffee with them this morning, and it didn't taste like ale! You were spot on with the timings as it still took around 7 min to start yellowing, and a further 6 min until FC. But once it reached FC it progressed nicely and I could hear the cracks all the way through to the development stage, unlike last time when cracking stopped as soon as I turned the temp down. I think you're right with regards to temp aswell, and if/when I do get some more beans i'm going to try and increase the temp some more and maybe even hold it at that throughout FC and development and see how it turns out. Anyway, here's how they turned out: Thanks again for your help 👍 Phil
  2. Just cupped the beans from the last batch, and they are still a bit grassy, however I could taste and smell some fruity undertones so i'm getting close 😅 I still think they were a bit underdeveloped as I wasn't able to break a few beans between my fingers, but those that I could crack did seem consistent with the outside. I think you're right with regards to roast time so i'm going to try and reduce it. I've got enough beans for one more batch so i'm thinking: No Pre-Heat 230g Batch 1. Set at 210c until yellowing 2. Bump up to 230 until FC 3. Allow rolling crack for 30 seconds (I think I reduced temp too quickly last roast) 4. Reduce temp down to 225c for 1.5 mins for development 5. Start cooling I'm hoping by setting a higher temp to begin with and allowing a rolling crack before dropping the temp, it will bring down the total roast time by a minute or so. Also am I right in thinking the second phase up to FC should be quicker than the dry phase? as looking back at my log they both lasted 7 minutes. Now surely dry phase takes longer because its reducing moisture content? Hopefully going to try and do the roast tomorrow. I'll let you know how it turns out 👍
  3. Hi Rob Sorry for the late reply, I've not had chance to get online over the weekend. I did however do another roast on Friday, and this is what I logged: Did NOT Pre-heat. Increased the batch size to 240g I set the temp to 190c for dry phase, which lasted for 7 mins until yellowing occurred. (I know you said to do away with this, but I had scorching the last time I set the temp higher, so thought i'd find a middle ground) Bumped the temp up to 230c until FC, which happened at 14 min (Not sure on duration as I lowered the temp as soon as I heard it) Lowered the temp to 225c and allowed it do develop for 2 mins. Started cooling within the chamber for 1.5 mins, then finished cooling outside. This led to an overall roast time of 16.5 minutes. Here's a photo of how they turned out. Now the beans look OK I guess, though I can see that there are some areas on the bean that appear darker, and some even shriveled. I'm thinking I may have dropped the temp too early at the start of FC? Does development time include rolling crack or should I have say given it 30 seconds, then started timing? I'm going to give them another day to degas, then give them a try. Thanks again for your help. Phil
  4. Hi @Rob1 Sorry, I wasn't very specific there. The "Set temp" times that I mentioned related to me setting the temp and then allowing it to climb to said temp until that "Phase" had finished (e.g after drying phase, i'd set the temp to 230c and allow the Gene to climb and reach, then hold at that temp until FC). This is one reason why I would like to do the dimmer mod on the Gene, to allow me more control, however with it being fairly new I don't fancy voiding the warranty just yet 😅. I am planning on doing a roast today at some point, and from what you've said, this will be my plan of action....along with my understanding as to why, so please let me know if i'm wrong: Increase batch size to 230g (This will help maintain temp within chamber?) Do away with the preheat (Waste of time and energy if I do a dry phase?) Set at 160c until yellowing (This one had me thinking, whether to skip the initial dry phase like you said, and just push it into Maillard temps, say 200c off the bat, or will it have an adverse effect on taste? or to have the initial dry phase then increase to 220c as per next step?) Increase to 220c until FC (I usually crank it up to 230c but wondering if that is too high for these beans?) Drop down to 215c for 2 mins for Development Let me know what you think, and thanks for your input, I think you may be onto something.....but I think this has left me with more questions 😅, but i'll see how I get on and keep you posted. 👍 Cheers Phil
  5. Hi All I'm just looking for a bit of advice or any tips you can give me when roasting these beans. I have been roasting on the Gene Cafe (Unmodded) for the last couple of months now, and one thing i've found is that I seem to struggle when going for a light roast. Now this has become more evident recently as I picked myself up a bag of Washed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans, and roasted up a light batch. Now after giving them a few days to degas I tried cupping them, and all I can describe the aroma/flavour notes as are grassy, or maybe even like barley.....say an ale for instance (I wanted coffee not a beer 😅), so nothing like the fruity notes I expected. I just wondered if anyone could shed some light on what I may be doing wrong. It doesn't necessarily have to be for a light roast either, just any advice to get the best roast out of these beans with the Gene. I log all of my roasts, so i'll try and give as much info as I can: Weight: 150g Roast Profile: Light Roasted indoors at room temperature Preheated chamber to 210c Set at 180c for 7 Mins (Dry phase) Set at 230c for 6 Mins (Until FC, or until I thought I heard FC..... but that's a whole other matter for a different post! 😅) Set at 225c for 1 min (Development phase) Started cooling within chamber for 1 min Removed and finished cooling outside. Total roast time = 15 mins (Including cooling) Any help is appreciated 👍 Cheers Phil
  6. Thanks for the replies guys, and thanks for link @profesor_historia it was a very informative read! I knew there must of been a reason otherwise why would they be doing it 😅 For some reason I thought the bean was fully enclosed by the parchment layer, and that it was sort of impenetrable, but looking closer now I can see that there are gaps which would allow things to get in. Thanks again 👍
  7. Sorry if this is in the wrong area, i'm very new to the forum 😅 Now this may sound like a stupid question, but i've always been told there are no stupid questions.....so here it goes! I've been looking into bean processing methods recently (Natural, washed and Honey etc...) and it got me wondering... If the green bean is still inside it's parchment, then what difference does it make to how it is processed, as the bean would not be in direct contact with anything, say the mucilage for example? I'm thinking maybe the parchment isn't as hard as I think it is, and maybe things are able to seep through? again this is just a guess. Any feedback is appreciated, i'm all ears! Thanks Phil
  8. Hey everyone Coffee roasting newbie here! Been a lurker for a while, so thought it was about time I created an account! What started off as me roasting the odd batch of coffee in an air fryer every other weekend, so that I could have fresh coffee every morning, has now escalated!.....1 x GeneCafe, many bags of green beans and a designated roasting station later, and here I am! (oops!) 😅 It's all still very new to me, and I've still got a lot to learn, but I've already got a load of questions in mind, so i'm sure you'll see my name scattered around the forums in the near future! (I apologize in advance). Anyway, have a nice Friday, I'm off to grab a coffee! 👍 Phil
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